The Goddess Spoke of Love

Posted By Ara on Mar 31, 2015

"My daughter," the Goddess said. "Love is not meant to have boundaries; it does not need walls to contain it, veils to hide it, nor documents to bind it. Love has no expiry date, is limitless, and free of judgement.

I'm Tired

Posted By Ara on Mar 27, 2015

The time of not making waves is over, of playing small and not wanting to have attention drawn where we feel it isn't deserving. It IS deserving. YOU ARE DESERVING.

We push ourselves down and try to remain compact so the world won't see for fear of judgement and scrutiny. But your wings need to be shown for you to fly.

The Goddess Spoke of Our Medicine

Posted By Ara on Mar 23, 2015

"My daughter," The Goddess spoke. "Deep within your soul lives the unique medicine that you were born with, your one of a kind gifts woven into the core of your being.

They don't need to be understood by everyone to make them worthy, valid and real. Never feel like you should silence the powerful magic of your spirit because of the blind eyes of others.

An Ode To Sacred Love

Posted By Ara on Mar 21, 2015

I don't want to rise above you and extinguish your fire; I want to walk alongside you as we fan each others flames.

I don't want to change you. Not a single hair upon your head or any of the thoughts within it; nor any of the facets or layers of your complex being. Then it wouldn't be you.

I Do Not Want To Be Lost In Love

Posted By Ara on Mar 21, 2015

I do not want to be lost in love; I desire to be found.

Discovered and uncovered bit by glorious bit; mind, body, heart and soul revealed and revered in each facet.

I long to have my paths wandered by an explorer on a deep journey of love who revels in the sacred space experienced in each discovery of the divine.

The Circle Lives On

Posted By Ara on Mar 21, 2015

Through history there have been those that have set their aim at breaking apart the women's circle, for it was a powerful transformative and healing energy that they feared and did not understand.

What they did not realize, is that the circle is a thread that lives and shall live forever within each of us for all time. It cannot be broken; the circle lives on.

Sacred Union

Posted By Ara on Mar 19, 2015

There is something that is intrinsically woven into my very being, a thread of longing as ancient as time itself; divine union.

The uniting of the Goddess Queen and her consort, The King Stag. The beloveds, the lady and lord, the sacred marriage.

Open. No barriers, no walls, no hesitations or limits.

The Goddess Spoke of Sacred Sex

Posted By Ara on Mar 18, 2015

Wild flames danced in the darkness spiraling upwards from the sacred fire, the heat chasing off the evening chill that whispered through the May breeze.

If You Are To Love Me

Posted By Ara on Mar 18, 2015

If you are to love me

Love me with all of your wild untamed spirit

Holding nothing back

Present in your authentic truth

Raw and roaring under the Full Moon light

If you are to love me

Love me with the depths of your heart

Touching right into my open soul

Your very breath tickling the back of my mind

The Voice Of The Crone

Posted By Ara on Mar 17, 2015

One day the Crone said to me: "My daughter, they will never stop telling you to act your age, they do it to me often. And my reply has always been the same; I will act the age my soul sees fit.