"My daughter," The Goddess said. "Though many ages have passed and lives you have lived, the flow of Priestess still moves within you, the crescent still upon your brow whether you see it or not. This deep inner knowing that moves within you, calls you back home to yourself to awaken to your truth. You with warrior heart and healers hands, and ancient spirit.

Reclaiming Hope When It Seems Lost

Posted By Ara on Aug 08, 2017

Reclaiming hope when it seems lost can be a difficult part of our journey. When things are uncertain, it can be hard to trust things are going to work out.

Eclipse Season: Mayhem & Metamorphosis

Posted By Ara on Aug 07, 2017

Eclipse season is a lot like falling down the rabbit hole and tumbling into Wonderland.

Everything becomes topsy-turvy, nothing makes much sense and you don't know up from down. You're confused, you don't know the path ahead and you're pretty sure a caterpillar just gave you some advice.

It's like a mad tea party is happening and everything is rising all at once.

Elemental Ritual for Drawing Love

Posted By Ara on Aug 01, 2017

One of the most important facets to any ritual is clarity. When we get clear and focused on what we are wanting, we are able to call it into being. To help us manifest it, we can use the Elemental Ritual for Drawing Love.