Love By The Full Moon

Posted By Ara on Feb 23, 2016

"Do you know how often your kind ask me about this?" The Full Moon asked. I stared up at the night sky. What could I say in defense of humans? I felt like I was on trial for every person that had ever glanced skywards and inquired anything at all to the bright orb. "You've seen it all," I managed finally. "You've been watching us as long as we've been here.

Bury Yourself Within Your Own Soul

Posted By Ara on Feb 20, 2016

"Bury yourself," I heard a whisper say. "Bury yourself in the dirt." This is not a time to compromise and jump on anything that will sustain you for the short-term because of being stretched thin and feeling the tides of uncertainty, it said. This is not a time of staying in the compressed places that make you stay small.

Because I Am A Woman

Posted By Ara on Feb 18, 2016

Shouldn't we teach our daughters to speak their minds? To stand up and not sit down? To live their truth and dance wildly on the discarded beliefs that don't serve them? Shouldn't we tell them that their worth is a birth-rite and not defined by marriage, sex, children, status or hair? Isn't it time we took back our bodies, our spirits, our hearts and our minds?

I'm terrible at asking questions even when I'm dying to know the answer. Sometimes we want to know the answer so badly and in the end we trip over the syllables for so long wanting them to be perfect. The words get lost on our lips as we try to swallow them down but in the end our heart's will never be satisfied until they have the answers they seek.

Twin Souls & The Lessons of Loneliness

Posted By Ara on Feb 12, 2016

Maybe it is only after great separation and longing that we are able to fully see and appreciate. Maybe that's why the lovers clay is divided. Maybe in finding that individual perspective separate of the other, in becoming whole into one's own truth and loving the very fabric of one's own being we become all that we need.

This is YOUR unfolding right now. These are your lessons, your truths and your perspectives that are shifting within you. This is powerful, life changing and potent, if you are present with it. These shifts aren't just for a few people who are tuned to it, everyone to some degree or another has been feeling this massive shift, they've just been embodying it different.



Winter's Song

Posted By Ara on Feb 09, 2016

She is as wild as the night that surrounds her A shadow woven in darkness Etched with the faintest starshine Like the evergreen branches tipped in silver moonlight That play Winter's silent song on their boughs Companion to the howl of the wolf That calls in her blood She is the emerald fire painted in the heavens Dancing in waves and ribbons in the sky She is a blade of ice and truth Storm clo

Giving Yourself Away

Posted By Ara on Feb 09, 2016

Where is the line in the sand between giving with your heart and giving everything away? At what point did we lose sight of our boundaries and our needs? When did it become ok to give without ever getting in return? Are we taught that only "good" people give and so we strive to be "good" and expect no reciprocation, because wanting is greedy?

To The Sister Who Will Not Bend

Posted By Ara on Feb 05, 2016

To the sister who will not bend; who will not bow, scrape or break. To the Goddesses in bodices who will not sell one another out but help one another rise Who will not copy, steal or imitate their greatness but cultivate their own Knowing that only she can midwife her mystery into being And the world is starving for her magic.