The Twin Soul journey is unlike any other. When you connect with someone on a soul deep level, you will be changed forever. This person will be a mirror for you, your greatest challenge and a place of great expansion. While it can be the most powerful, blissful and joyous connection that we experience, it can also be very difficult and shake our foundations to the very core.

One misconception I often hear is that Twin Soul relationships complete you. This isn't the case. You're already complete and whole on your own and you never need anyone to complete you. You always have been and you always will be. Full stop.

When she says she wants you

Posted By Ara on Mar 24, 2018

When she says she wants you, she wants you fully. When heat burns like wildfire in her eyes and her gaze is set upon you, a holy invitation is being extended by this sacred being of flesh, bone and spirit. When she who is woven of dew drenched moss and Summer storms blossoms open like a rose, it is a dance of the divine.

I will not lessen my desires to become digestible. I will not silence my truth to make life easier for those around me. I am a Queen. I am a Warrior. I am a freaking Amazon. I am a woman dammit. And I won't be silenced ever again.