Song of the Wild Queen

Posted By Ara on Aug 17, 2016

She's a wild one with a deep mystery that dances in her eyes. Her heart can be broken in a million pieces and she looks unshaken and poised on the surface. Don't let her quiet calm fool you; a fire storm rages inside. There is a passion that burns in the depths of her soul like a thousand fiery suns.

6 Full Moon Rituals

Posted By Ara on Aug 17, 2016

Full Moons bring a powerful energy into our lives. The Full Moon offers to us illumination, clarity, focus and a time to celebrate and connect deeply with the feminine energies. It offers a time of celebration and of focusing our energy in directions that serve us best as it lets us connect with the clarity of figuring out what is or isn't working on our path.

Echo in the Twilight

Posted By Ara on Aug 16, 2016

In the quiet of the evening dark I look out into the world and pause. I can feel you out there walking on this Earth right now. I can hear you whispering my name to the stars, your voice moving through the trees; your echo in the twilight calling to me. I can feel your hands tangled with mine in the ether and your laughter on the breeze.

Written in the Stars

Posted By Ara on Aug 08, 2016

The lyrics of this love are etched upon the walls of this beating heart the melody echoing within me during waking hours and dream filled sleep. I must have written them in the stars many lifetimes ago with these unsteady hands filled with longing, inspiration found in the unseen and the unspoken, that to this day ring deep within my aching soul. 

Are You A Mystic?

Posted By Ara on Aug 05, 2016

Mystics are seekers of truth. They seek truth in the divine, in the sacred, in the world around them, in the unseen, in others and in themselves. They are seekers of answers beyond what has been discovered or described. They look past the known horizons for something that others are not able to see and they set out to understand it deeper and experience it fully.

6 New Moon Rituals

Posted By Ara on Aug 02, 2016

The New Moon is a time of beginnings. It is a time of embracing new projects, ideas, plans, thoughts, relationships and the changes we wish to invite into our lives. It is a time of seeding intentions and of opening to the new possibilities that are brought by another lunar cycle.

Catalysts of Change

Posted By Ara on Aug 01, 2016

My dear sister, The world that we walk now is one of chaos. Think of this as the big storm we have been waiting for; the one that will shake the foundations of the Earth free from the grips of the tyrants that once held the reins. This is not their planet, it never has been. It is ours, all of ours.