Honoring Our Needs

Posted By Ara on Sep 29, 2016

As a tough, self-sufficient, do-it-all Wonder Woman, it can be hard for me to ask for what I need.

It's something I have struggled with in this life as I come from a long line of fiery, do-it-all, "I got this" women.

The Roar of the Fierce Feminine

Posted By Ara on Sep 27, 2016

It's always been my opinion that women are silent far more often than they should be which is why I'm so dedicated to feminine truth and expression.

We have been brainwashed by previous belief systems that embodying the feminine means that we need to have a peaceful, fluffy, always positive attitude towards everything.

The Strength of Giving Up

Posted By Ara on Sep 05, 2016

I feel like I've been giving up a lot lately.

I was letting go of ideas, projects and situations that just weren't working out in their current format. I was letting go of the way I thought relationships in my life needed to look like or even where I needed to be in order to be happy.

Seeking Sanctuary

Posted By Ara on Sep 01, 2016


A safe place where the lost go when they are despondent and worn from a path that has caused them strain and sorrow.

A haven for the weary, the confused, aching ones who yearn for a place of quiet rejuvenating peace.

A place of solace for those in times of trouble.