The Goddess Spoke of Embracing Our Truth

Posted By Ara on Jun 19, 2015

"My daughter, I watch all of my children, scattered all across this land and I ache for you all so deeply as a mother does," The Goddess said. "Each one of you have such a brilliant light, a unique flame burning within and medicine to birth into this world. You worry about perfecting it, having to make sense of it, comparing it or judging it."



Posted By Ara on Jun 15, 2015

"My daughter," The Goddess said. "When you have to hide your emotions and sacrifice expressing your feelings for the fear of the reaction of another, this is hiding your truth and deeply damaging to your value. Your feelings are worthy. Your thoughts and expressions deserve to be brought into light.

Deer Medicine

Posted By Ara on Jun 10, 2015

When deer medicine comes into your life, it is bringing a message of the ability to move with agility around the obstacles in our world. They have the ability to move about very silently in the forest deep where many fear to tread. This is a place they move lightly and with grace even in darkness and shadow. There is a resilience and quiet power that they teach to us.


Posted By Ara on Jun 05, 2015

A Queen will not play games; she knows those that play are not worth the time.

Dancing with our Demons

Posted By Ara on Jun 05, 2015

The world we live in can be fraught with masks and illusion. We are brought up with the belief that so much of our time needs to be spent wasting our energy holding up these veils and not letting anyone see what is really going on. These are the masks are woven out of fear and if worn too long they can be suffocating. Everyone has shadows that dwell within them.

The Rise of the Feminine & Masculine

Posted By Ara on Jun 02, 2015

"The Divine Feminine and Masculine are equal and in unison they will both rise together to become their fullest expressions, awakening to honor themselves as well as each other and the aspects of the other in the self. The only way to free the world from the patriarchal bondage of the past is in twin thrones." ~Ara