The Call of the Wild Feminine

Posted By Ara on Jul 28, 2015

I am the wild feminine. Do you hear my call? Can you handle my raging storm? Will you open your sails to my howling winds? Can you ride the waves on this fierce and unknown sea or do you prefer the safe shores of a calm bay and the ever-present guide of a lighthouse set upon safe sands?

You Are The Divine Feminine

Posted By Ara on Jul 27, 2015

The divine feminine is not a look. It is not an age. It isn't a style, a fad or something that needs to have accessories. It is not something that can be purchased and it is not something that can be sold.


Charging for Spirituality

Posted By Ara on Jul 19, 2015

When we meet one another in differences of opinion and thought, we come into a place of being able to think about it and counter in a way that is in alignment with our beliefs. One such way that is often brought up is the subject of paying for spirituality, energy work or healing in this modern world of ours.


Posted By Ara on Jul 11, 2015

What a thing to be bare; raw and open in wild surrender even amidst the tide of rising fear. To stand in that place of truth with panic mounting all around, yet reaching still for the freedom that only this place of realness can bring. Oh, what is there to fear?

The Gift of Loneliness

Posted By Ara on Jul 06, 2015

There came a time when you put it all out there. When you sacrificed the masks and just sort of let it all hang out for the world to see and said it didn't matter anymore who saw you. And if everyone runs, it's less people to write Christmas cards to.

Our Spirits Don't Speak English

Posted By Ara on Jul 03, 2015

"I hope somebody someday will hear me. I hope nobody has to go through this. We have to have our own language. Because what we do, when we talk to our spirits... they don't understand English." ~Andrew Windyboy