When You Come Undone

Posted By Ara on Nov 24, 2015

I don't feel very together. Usually leading up to a Full Moon I am ignited. I have none of the super energetic spark that normally fuels me. The creative urges and brilliant insight that usually burns seems to be replaced with a fire of a different kind, a consuming flame that rises in gnawing uncertainty.


Playing House

Posted By Ara on Nov 17, 2015

I never played house when I was little. I was too busy running around in a little cape trying to save the world in the forest behind my house emulating a cross between Robin Hood, She-Ra and an Earth Priestess. I was obsessed with swing sets and canoes. I had no fear of the unknown, the dark or what was hiding around the next corner. I wanted adventure in the wild unknown.


When You Are Lost

Posted By Ara on Nov 09, 2015

When we are children, our parents tell us that if we ever find ourselves lost we should be still and stay in the same place. They say to call for them, make some noise, ask for help and to make sure you're visible so we are easier to find once more. What about when we feel lost when we're adults? Do the rules still apply?

The Power of the Divine Feminine

Posted By Ara on Nov 09, 2015

The divine feminine is the creative force that is within all things and all people, including the masculine. It is the nourishing, powerful, life-giving energy of love, compassion, of peace and of transformation. It is a deep well of ancient knowing, with roots that stretch back through time itself.

I Remember You

Posted By Ara on Nov 06, 2015

I remember you, When you were still light A breath forged from deep within the Universe; When your shining grace still rested among the stars And you were etched upon the heavens. Silently you waited In the pause between breaths, Long before this human life began Before you joined this Earthly realm; Did you feel me there in the ether. Where your essence flowed alongside mine in eternity?