11 Things About A Warrior Womans Heart

Posted By Ara on Jul 30, 2017

A warrior woman's heart is not here for you to conquer, play or own. That's not how loving a fierce woman works. You don't tame her and you don't subdue her. She's not a trophy or a conquest. She knows all the games and lines, so just don't.

The Twin journey isn't only about what we were when we were together or what we become when we're reunited. It's about the healing we do in the meantime. And one of the greatest aspects to heal in the Twin journey is that of separation and rejection.

When Wise Women Awaken

Posted By Ara on Jul 11, 2017

Last night while I lay sleeping, I had a dream. The world was in a state of total chaos and all that we had ever known was ending. Everything was volatile, violence raged openly and the people were suffering greatly. There was sadness around every corner and destruction flooded the air thick and unrelenting.

Twin Flames: Two of One Soul

Posted By Ara on Jul 02, 2017

Twin Souls are a very powerful catalyst of transformation in our lives. They can act as a mirror showing the areas in which we need to stretch and expand to welcome in the love that we have been seeking.