11 Things About A Warrior Womans Heart

Posted By Ara on Jul 30, 2017

1 A warrior woman's heart is tough as nails on the outside; but don't mistake that for being unfeeling. She is used to waving her sword high and howling a battle cry to the heavens as she fights injustice in the world. But that doesn't mean she doesn'tĀ feel every single thing with intensity. Don't mistake her fierce ferocious fire for being aloof or uncaring.

Twin Souls: Healing Separation & Rejection

Posted By Ara on Jul 20, 2017

The Twin Soul pairing is the greatest lesson in separation imaginable.

If you subscribe to the theory of Twin Souls/Flames, you were once united with another soul that had a frequency that matched your own, a twin right down to your very energy pattern.

When Wise Women Awaken

Posted By Ara on Jul 11, 2017

"When sleeping women wake, mountains will move." ~ Chinese Proverb

Last night while I lay sleeping, I had a dream.

Twin Flames: Two of One Soul

Posted By Ara on Jul 02, 2017

According to the Greek philosopher Plato in his work "The Symposium", we were once all connected to our Twin Souls.

Humans were born with four arms, four legs, two sets of genitals and a single head with two faces. There were three genders that could comprise these beings, Man born of the Sun, Woman born of the Earth and Androgynous born of the Moon.