Brigid, Goddess of the Sacred Fire

Posted By Ara on Jan 31, 2015

Bright Imbolc blessings on February 2 to all those that dwell in the Northern Hemisphere where the winters days are steadily growing brighter.

May the darkness be illuminated and the stirrings of the dawning Spring sprout blessings in your life.

May all that is past lay to rest with the winter and may all that is to come flourish and rise.

Charging Energy

Posted By Ara on Jan 18, 2015

Charging is the process of infusing an item with sacred, intentional energy. You can charge anything, such as crystals, altar tools, art supplies, books, herbs, jewelry, clothing, vehicles or anything else that you want to bring energy into.

Why would you want to charge something?

Beauty & The Bead: Rose Petal Mala

Posted By Ara on Jan 18, 2015

In the last year became addicted to having roses on my kitchen table.  I had never liked roses in the past. They always symbolized for me some human trying to apologize for something inconsiderate they had done with an unsuspecting bouquet of paper wrapped bribery.

The Medicine of the Raven

Posted By Ara on Jan 15, 2015

"The Raven spoke to me: "Wings are a powerful medicine, to soar the skies and detach from what no longer serves me on the earth below, to dance with the winds and sing with the trees.

There are no chains only freedom.

I am Aradia, Avatar of the Moon

Posted By Ara on Jan 10, 2015

"I am Aradia, the Avatar of the Moon

I incarnated as a woman and walk among you.

I have seen your poverty, your desperate lives,

Your need for love and food.

I shared your misery for a long lifetime,