Twin Souls & the Mirror of Discovery

Posted By Ara on Dec 16, 2019

A Twin Soul relationship is a mirror of discovery. It gives us insight into ourselves, into our wounds, into our dreams and hopes. It can show us where we are settling or not honoring our truth. It can show us how things should feel or be in our lives. Twin relationships aid in our own connection with our deepest truth.

Bourdain was extremely intelligent and as such he saw the world for what it was at times, which isn't always wonderful. When you can see the world in truth it can be hard at times to see the beauty. Reality can obscure hope. Disillusion can set in. As we look back on a life lived, on the roads that should have been traveled or what can never be, it can weigh heavily on the soul.


Viva Las Vegas

Posted By Ara on Dec 14, 2019

I didn't go to Las Vegas to gamble or drink, as I don't do either of those things.Tell someone that on an airplane bound for Las Vegas and you get some odd looks. "Why are you going to Vegas if you don't drink or gamble?" the nice older couple who had playfully nicknamed me Vegas Girl asked me on the early morning flight.

Look for the shot

Posted By Ara on Dec 07, 2019

Life, like photography, is a series of moments which capture our attention. These moments seduce us out of our normal routine, tantalizing our senses. For a brief pause in time, the stars align perfectly and a once in a million shot presents itself to our eyes, to our experience alone.