A Storm of Truth

Posted By Ara on Dec 26, 2016

This Holiday season was different from anything I had ever experienced before. The people who I usually spend the holidays with were all on their own new adventures. As a result of some bad weather, I found myself  spending Christmas alone holed up during a snowstorm.


Chrysocolla: The Goddess Stone

Posted By Ara on Dec 14, 2016

Chrysocolla is often called “The Goddess Stone” or “The Wise Woman Stone” as it is a gorgeous blue-green stone which exudes a deep feminine energy. A powerful cleansing and clearing stone, it is connected to the throat chakra, can be used to balance and heal thyroid issues and its use as a communication aid.

This Is Not The End

Posted By Ara on Dec 13, 2016

It's alright to be scared, dear one. You don't always have to be strong. Sometimes the winds howl outside of your door and the storm rages out of control all around you. Everything blows up and chaos ensues as the world crumbles at your feet. But I want you to know dear one, this is not the end.

Dear Thyroid

Posted By Ara on Dec 12, 2016

Dear Thyroid, I've been swearing at you a lot lately, and for that I'm sorry. I kept seething that you and my body betrayed me when I realized that I have done my share of betraying you both.


Clearing Unwanted Energy

Posted By Ara on Dec 08, 2016

Sometimes there can be a lot of unwanted energy floating around in our world. Clearing is very beneficial any time you feel that you need a little cleansing brought to the spaces around you. This is a great way to nullify any unwanted energies, purify your sacred space, and cleanse your own energy.

Dealing with Holiday Stress

Posted By Ara on Dec 07, 2016

Holidays can be a very stressful time. You're dealing with family, with the clashes that rise, the expectations and the stress. The faces around the table change, some gone forever and some moved on to new adventures.  There's history, headaches and heartache. It can be a very hard time with a lot to deal with. But there are some ways that we can make it easier on ourselves.