Posted By Ara on Jun 11, 2016

Letting go completely is sometimes the strongest thing we will ever do. It is powerful and it is reclaiming shattered pieces of ourselves back in the name of us, even if at the time it feels like we are falling apart worse than ever. Everything must dissolve in order for rebirth to occur. Caterpillars, Phoenix's and us.

Be Your Own Heroine

Posted By Ara on Jun 11, 2016

It's up to me to save myself. Because I can. Because I'm the only one that can. Because I want to be with the one who believes in my ability, my voice, my truth and is strong enough to stand by the side of this big-hearted, wild goddess warrior. Because I am the heroine of my story.


Are You An Old Soul?

Posted By Ara on Jun 07, 2016

Old souls never quite fit in. They have a feeling about them that they've always been old. When others were obsessing about the latest trendy thing, they were wandering around thinking of the deeper meaning of life.


When We Feel Lost

Posted By Ara on Jun 01, 2016

Sometimes in our lives we can feel lost. As shifts in our world occur, it can leave us in a place of not knowing where we belong or what to do next. We can feel uncertain. Anxious. Insecure.