Posted By Ara on Jun 11, 2016

I've never been good at surrender.

Every cell in my body would rage at the idea of letting go thinking that waving that white flag was the ultimate in defeat.

Blame my fiery Aries Sun or the wild Canadian blood that is coursing through my veins, but letting go to me was losing.

Be Your Own Heroine

Posted By Ara on Jun 11, 2016

When someone is truly there for you it can be the most powerful (and terrifying) truth in the world.

To know that there is someone, somewhere on the planet that is authentically there for you, no matter what can be a whole new level of vulnerability.

Are You An Old Soul?

Posted By Ara on Jun 07, 2016

What is an old soul?

Old souls are those that carry a wisdom and essence far beyond the depth of their years. There is often an energy about them that isn't of this time or even of this place.

Many believe that this can be a result of knowledge gained in living past lives and from an otherworldly connection to the unseen and the unknown energies of the Universe.

When We Feel Lost

Posted By Ara on Jun 01, 2016

Sometimes in our lives we can feel lost.

As shifts in our world occur, it can leave us in a place of not knowing where we belong or what to do next.

We can feel uncertain. Anxious. Insecure.

We get bombarded by suggestions of "What would you do if you have a million dollars" and "If you were going to die next month what would you like to do?"