Our lives are shaped by our priorities. The things we put effort and energy into are what grow and flourish. We choose in every breath and in every moment where we put our time and resources. Where there is a lack, things wither and fade, like a plant void of sunlight and water.

Brigid: Lady of the Sacred Flame

Posted By Ara on Jan 23, 2019

Brigid is a Goddess of many faces and she is called by many names.  In England, she was known as Brigantia, in Scotland she was the Maiden Bride, or Brede and in Ireland she was Brig or Brigid. Her name means "High One" or "Exalted One", a fitting name for one who was seen by so many as a Solar Goddess and the Goddess of the returning light.

Expectation vs. Reality

Posted By Ara on Jan 16, 2019

Expectation is part of the human experience. To get excited or hopeful about something. To dream about how it will play out. To put faith in something yet un-manifested. Do these things always measure out 100% equal? No, of course not. However, expectation is not the enemy. Unrealistic expectation however is.

I've always been the type of person who puts energy and effort into what I want. If i desire it, you bet I'm going to go after it. If it's something that is worthwhile, I put my time, my energetic and financial resources into it. Makes sense right? That's what we've been taught; we get what we put in, go after what you want, early bird gets the worm.