As humans, we deal with things not working out all the time. In our everyday lives, we see things that we want not come to fruition, take different turns or simply just don't happen. While this does make life an interesting journey, which is of course what we're here for, it can be extremely frustrating to put effort and energy into something over and over only to have it not pan out.

I've always been very aware of the disagreements that occur between people. Conflict and resolution fascinate me. I've watched people argue the same themes over and over, aware that it never went anywhere. They come to the disagreement bringing with them the same shields and defenses as always.

Dealing with Disillusion

Posted By Ara on May 04, 2019

What is disillusion? Disillusion is the realization that things aren't the way we desire. It can mean being let down when things don't turn out the way we wish them to be. It can be losing hope in situations or realizing the truth, which can be brutal at times.