Call to the Masculine

Posted By Ara on Jun 09, 2017

I have watched you as you moved across the pages of time. His-story they call it, written in blood at the hand of the patriarchy, paid for by the lives of our people.

Yes, our people. We were once friends, you and I, allies in a dance as old as time, long before they pulled us apart and pitted us against one another.

The Strength of the Warrior Queen

Posted By Ara on Jun 08, 2017

One of the hardest things for a warrior queen to do can be opening up and being vulnerable, especially when she is used to standing and fighting alone.

Warrior queens are fierce, wild and tough as nails. Time and tide has shaped her into a formidable heroine in her own story.

You Are a Risk Worth Taking

Posted By Ara on Jun 01, 2017

Dear one, you are worthy of a real love. Not just once in awhile passing fancy, but in each breath and in each day as you rise bravely to face the world.

You have come so far and traveled through storms that none can ever imagine, and you are still here breathing fire and setting the world aflame with your fierce heart.