One of the hardest things for a warrior queen to do can be opening up and being vulnerable, especially when she is used to standing and fighting alone.

Warrior queens are fierce, wild and tough as nails. Time and tide has shaped her into a formidable heroine in her own story. She bows to none and is not willing to beg for less than she deserves. She faces her battles head on and won't stand down or sit quietly on the sidelines.

So it's assumed she should never need anyone or ask for anything.

Even a warrior queen needs to lay down her sword and take off her armor every once in a while.

But when you're always the strong and capable one, those around you can see you as always needing to be that way. When you're always the strong one, people think you don't need to ask for anything.

Sometimes when the warrior queen opens up, she is met with derision or disbelief, her feelings and emotions shunned. She becomes trained in the art of remaining hidden keeping even the smallest and most human of needs locked away from prying, judgmental eyes for fear of the pain of rejection or ridicule. She worries that showing her vulnerability is weakness.

This can make the warrior women reinforce the armor around her and never want to let anyone inside her fiercely loving heart.

When she gets to a place where she doesn't trust her wild open truth to anyone, she keeps herself hidden away. She shuts down the gates and closes the doors behind her. She stops reaching out and opening up. Her needs can become imprisoned in her own skin.

The warrior woman knows that her life is hers to live, her problems are hers to solve.

She is the captain of her own ship and master of her own destiny. She knows love comes from herself first and that she has the strength to carry herself through any storm.

But she too needs moments to be vulnerable and raw, to let her guard down and give her fierce spirit time to breathe, trust and just be. There is no weakness in needing an ear, a hug or some help. It's being human.

Those who are unable to receive all that we are in truth can train us that our needs are invalid and our feelings don't matter. They can teach us that because we are strong, we shouldn't need to trust in others. This can cause us to hide ourselves even more. Just because someone's isn't in alignment to receive your truth, doesn't make it unworthy.

You are a strong warrior queen, and that means honoring the strength that flows in your veins.

Being strong doesn't mean putting up with less than you deserve and seeing how much you can endure.

Being strong doesn't mean silently withstanding hardship and hurt until you feel you have paid some invisible debt owed.

Being strong doesn't mean suffering through one-sided relationships.

Being strong doesn't mean swallowing yourself or your feelings whole behind well placed armor of steel.

Being strong doesn't mean sacrificing yourself while you save everyone else around you.

Being strong doesn't mean shutting yourself off and locking away your heart behind walls of steel.

Being strong is trusting those who are worthy of your fierce soul openly and allowing them passage inside.

Being strong is knowing your heart, your mind and your truth so you can set proper boundaries.

Being strong means knowing your value and walking away from what is dragging you down.

Being strong is knowing that you don't always have to be strong and that you can ask for what you need.

There is no shame in voicing our needs.

In reality being open, vulnerable and tapped into the authenticity of what we really need is a formidable super-power. Expressing yourself fully in truth is one of the bravest things you can do, and that is a courageous trait of a strong warrior queen.

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