Dear Conscious Man

Posted By Ara on Sep 29, 2015

Dear Conscious Man, Thank you for loving that I am unapologetically strong, wild and fiercely free and for never trying to tame me. Trying to clip my wings would kill me faster than a thousand daggers ever could. Thank you for riding with me during all the storms that threaten our shores. Thank you for being a true partner and a best friend.

Wicked Games

Posted By Ara on Sep 23, 2015

"A Queen will not play games; she knows those that play are not worth her time." ~C. Ara Campbell


The Truth Will Set You Free

Posted By Ara on Sep 23, 2015

"The thing about the truth is it feels good in your lips; the way you say it, the way it sounds, the way you feel at the core of your being when it all comes rushing out. You feel free. You can breathe. But you can't stop there. Once you start speaking your truth you can't stop; it demands to be screamed in every aspect of your life and will not remain hidden.

Huge Energetic Shifts

Posted By Ara on Sep 21, 2015

There is a ton of energy that is moving right now in our world that is causing big shifts in our reality. You can feel it energetically, it's been really ramped up lately. This can manifest in many different ways. Becoming hyper-sensitive to smell, to taste, to everything around you. You're like a finely tuned instrument that can feel and read everything.

To Be Seen

Posted By Ara on Sep 21, 2015

"There is no treasure greater on Earth than having someone see right down to your true depths and embracing all that you are; shadow and light made visible to the souls eye and every facet held equally beautiful." ~Ara


Posted By Ara on Sep 21, 2015

Kali. I thought you would strike fear into the very depths of my being. Fierce One, Goddess of Time. And yet your power is a level of loving devotion that I would never have imagined. She calls to me. She calls to my aching, longing soul. She calls to me to let my heart go and shatter completely.

Siren Song of Solitude

Posted By Ara on Sep 18, 2015

I am haunted by the lonely call of the midnight train from my bedroom window, the siren song of solitude cutting through the cool evening air and deeply into my being. Like a lone howling wolf though the forest darkness or a loon call echoing upon a still lake it moves with mystical alchemy transfixing all who are ensnared by its wordless spell.

Releasing into the Fall

Posted By Ara on Sep 05, 2015

As the leaves in the fall let go of their resistance to the changing seasons, to their branches, to their pasts and fly into the Fall air, so do we all in the Autumn and this one is especially so with a vibrant changing tapestry during this time which has the power to bring about an entirely new landscape into our lives.

If like Persephone and her journey into the Underworld you are venturing into the realm of the dark, know that to everything there is a balance and even in the shadows exists a truth that will be illuminated. Also know there is always a road home at the end of your journey.

The Nature of the King

Posted By Ara on Sep 03, 2015

Oh, wild ancient spirit who wears the Crown of Nature upon your sacred brow and the blue tribal marks upon your skin from a time long past. Who was compassionate and had a purpose that ran deep, with an ancient thread of knowing that ran spirit deep.