I Believe

Posted By Ara on Mar 17, 2017

I believe in possibility, in divine purpose and in the wisdom that is found by the sea.

Starting Over

Posted By Ara on Mar 13, 2017

Starting over at any juncture of our lives can be a daunting prospect. As we look to a new path away from what was and we strike out on a new adventure, it can be hard at times to stay centered, upbeat and focused on the road ahead.

Find Your Way

Posted By Ara on Mar 06, 2017

There is life that springs up from the chaos That scatters like fallen snow at your feet, New growth through even the thickest of fogs; Possibility shining on the horizon  Bright as the coming dawn.

You shall find your way, It whispers As the old slips away, And what has yet to be Pulls lovingly at your skin.

My Name Is Lilith Book Review

Posted By Ara on Mar 01, 2017

One of the divine feminine myths that has always called to my spirit has been the story of Lilith. Her tale of being the first wife of Adam and being cast from the Garden of Eden for her refusal to submit has always spoken deeply to my soul. 

I was so delighted to discover the book My Name is Lilith by Monette Chilson and illustrated by Arna Baartz.