Dream Work

Posted By Ara on May 30, 2016

Dreams are amazing messages that come to us when we are asleep. There are many thoughts on what dreams mean, what they are trying to tell us and where they are coming from. These thoughts, images, sensations, feelings and events that happen during our resting hours can bring powerful symbols and ideas to us helping us to see things that we wouldn't normally be able to during waking hours.

Are You An Empath?

Posted By Ara on May 29, 2016

What is an empath? Empaths are deeply sensitive beings that are tuned into the energy that is surrounding them or sometimes far away from them.

Not Fitting Doesn't Mean You're Broken

Posted By Ara on May 17, 2016

Sometimes we stay in places we don't fit because we are taught to believe there is no place that can embrace all that we are. We ball ourselves up and try to fit into spaces that were never meant to be forever but only for a while.

We Rise

Posted By Ara on May 16, 2016
We put our faith in the Moon, in the Seers, and in nature because your rules and regulations never called to our w

Never Beg To Be Seen

Posted By Ara on May 13, 2016

I had a conversation recently with someone in which everything that I offered to the world was brought into question. It's a strange sensation when those close to you toss you and your gifts under a microscope and scrutinize the very magic that flows in your veins. It can be a hard pill to swallow when the people that we support turn on us and don't reciprocate.


Setting Powerful Intentions

Posted By Ara on May 02, 2016

Setting intentions has become a very potent practice that many employ as a way of supercharging manifestation in their daily lives especially during the New Moon. Why does setting intentions work so well? To be able to get what we want, we need to be clear on what that is. Setting intentions focuses our attention and zeros in our energy into a focused laser of potential.