What is an empath?

Empaths are deeply sensitive beings that are tuned into the energy that is surrounding them or sometimes far away from them.

This can come in the form of sensing emotions, feelings, mood changes, auras, physical sensitivities, environmental sensitivities or being a channel for guidance from unseen for example. I believe there are many new ways being revealed all the time into how empaths work as we evolve into further consciousness and expansion.

Empaths get the rap sheet of being open to everything but in some cases they may find the need to be further away from people in order to maintain a healthy balance within their own selves. Many that are empaths have been experiencing this since they were children and these deep connections can have caused issues for them when they were young.

Are you an empath?

Some signs that you could be an empath are:

  • Feel things that have no visible explanation but you KNOW
  • People you barely know tell you their deepest secrets, emotions and issues
  • Need long times away to heal yourself/ground/cleanse
  • Drawn towards alternative healing and belief modalities
  • Deeply creative beings
  • Can be obsessed with the truth of things, getting to the bottom & looking for knowledge/answers
  • Confuse collected feelings as your own
  • Helping those less fortunate, those that suffer
  • Issues in the Solar Plexus (emotional center), stomach issues, digestion
  • You know when you are being lied to or there is more to a story
  • Introverts/reclusive
  • Insecure/self-doubt
  • Hard on electronics, breaking them with no explanation
  • Can have a hard time ending things
  • Overreact
  • Ignore your own needs, focus on everyone else
  • Deep connection with animals and nature
  • Daydreamers, visionaries and lucid dreamer
  • Strong deja vu or synchronicity, people showing up when you think about them
  • Have people run when you get blunt
  • Have a need to "make everything all right" and solve everyone's issues
  • Self sacrificing to the point of destruction
  • Take things very personally and "to heart"
  • Take criticism very hard
  • Time has a different meaning to you
  • Want to help and heal society but do so in an indirect way because of how much you absorb
  • Can have a hard time talking about how they feel
  • People are attracted to you, in a myriad of ways
  • Can be naive and believe what people tell them to the letter
  • Sometimes family history
  • Public events and crowds can be a huge drain and stress causing anxiety
  • Violence or gore is completely unbearable to witness
  • Gentle hearts, can be over the top romantic
  • Are really hard on themselves
  • Work best with close-knit people who understand them
  • Powerful speaker/writer with ability to stir others at a deep level
  • Can be prone to depression and anxiety
  • Have a really hard time asking for what they need
  • Can be thought of at times as moody, disconnected or aloof when they "go to ground"
  • Tired, drained and overwhelmed from all the energy that surrounds you
  • Sensitive to electronics, TV's, computers, cell phones, metals, wires
  • Can have a hard time concentrating, can get bored and distracted
  • Great listeners; only share when they feel they can trust completely
  • Awareness of patterns and signs
  • Believe that there is a solution to every problem
  • Can shut themselves off from physical contact because of intensity/what they pick up
  • You can see things unfolding in ways others can't
  • Can have special food intolerance & preferences eg. Vegetarians, dairy or gluten-free due to sensitivities

What People Don't Understand About Being An Empath:

It's not easy being an empath.

They are a channel to the energy and to the environment that surrounds them and can be connected to things that aren't even in the same area as them. This can leave them drained, irritable, confused and tired. If not charged and rested properly this can lead to chronic fatigue, issues in the body, disease, mental issues, irritability, anxiety and stress.

They ask a lot of questions to gain a better understanding of what they are feeling.

They crave clarity because the world they live internally is such a sea of feeling.

When an empath asks you whats going on, whats changing or what's wrong it's not because they're trying to be annoying. First it's because they care and second they KNOW something is different.

Empaths are like tuning forks to energy. Shifts that change either for the better or worse trigger them. Some of our shielding holds better than others and for some of us we have no choice but to feel, even from a far distance.

If an empath trusts you, it took a LONG time for them to do so.

Treat this trust carefully.

Empaths are not in the habit of opening to everyone. They can seem guarded or even aloof at times.


Empaths are deeply feeling beings and when they connect they connect deep. They are able to receive and process the feelings and energies of others, but when they open their own back this opens them soul deep and they want to make sure they're not letting anyone in.

This is why a trusted soul tribe, soul friends or soul mates are invaluable to empaths. Trusted, spirit deep connection is when they open.

Empaths are used to being weird.

You don't have to remind them of that. They eat, sleep and breathe being different.

They can be deeply connected to a hobbies and outlets that others don't understand like connection with crystals, nature, astrology, energy healing, essential oils, seers, tarot etc.

This is a world they understand. Signs, symbols, correspondences are things that help them sort out the energies that they feel internally. You don't have to understand it, this is something that helps them.

Quick emotional shifts throw them off big time. 

When you change your emotions and feelings quickly and become hot/cold, this is very hard for empaths to take.

If you are very close with an empath and sharing very deeply and then soon after you completely shift your behavior, empaths have a very hard time processing this variation.

It's not that they're obsessive. It's not that they don't understand people have lives or things change.

Empaths have a childlike connection with those that they open to, which is extra vulnerable and raw than in others. When they let you in, they let you all the way in, so in their deeply feeling nature when the channel is stopped abruptly they are left suffering.

When they feel they did something to harm this connection, they are extremely hard on themselves. They have a need to understand what is going on because of their love of listening, solutions and sense of feeling what is wrong with others. This can result in them becoming blunt and confused.

It's very hard for empaths to open up sometimes.

To try to explain the depths of feeling that they feel is impossible at times. It would be easier for them to place you inside of their heart to read what is written inside.

 The Care & Feeding of Empaths

Some ways you can nourish your empath soul are:

  • Get rid of clutter, it causes too much "noise"
  • Spend time in nature
  • Use shielding in the public or carry stones that aid in shielding (smokey quartz, black tourmaline, obsidian)
  • Nourish your body with foods that are in alignment with you
  • Spend the time you need alone. It's ok to let others know that you're fine and you need space
  • Tap into your needs. Your needs are important
  • Heal with music and creative pursuits
  • Sacred space; fill it with plants, rock salt lamps, crystals, oils. Anything that nurtures you
  • Take care of yourself. Massage, aromatherapy
  • Take time to release on a regular basis
  • Get back in the body; yoga, exercise
  • Hugs from those you trust

Being an empath is a gift, not a curse.

Honor this deep vein of powerful connection that runs through you as this is part of your medicine on this planet.

Empathetically yours,

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