Ageless Souls

Posted By Ara on May 28, 2015

Talking with you is a conversation between ageless souls

Who have intimately known one another timelessly

Lifetime after lifetime

Body after body

Always recognizing the other

By the light we awaken

That shines through

Our eternal eyes



Posted By Ara on May 28, 2015

Unmask your eyes sight Let it all drop to the floor. Show me all of you; Your spirit, your core.

I want to know every facet; From the ceiling to the floor. Bare your heart & soul; Your deepest fantasies and more.



Reclaiming the Sacred Masculine

Posted By Ara on May 28, 2015

The true masculine force doesn't hide from the divine feminine; he sees this cosmic dance of creation as the powerful container of sacred medicine that it is. He knows that there is no trophy in conquering her and chaining her to idiotic patriarchal ideals and outdated rules. He honors her intuition and does not devalue her with games.

When the Darkness Comes

Posted By Ara on May 25, 2015

We all spend time in the shadows. No matter how our lives unfold on the path in front is us, there are times we dance in darkness. We are taught that we need to push it inside, hide the shadows and our feelings that rise towards them. In a world where "light" is celebrated, these times in the shade are looked upon with scrutiny, disdain and judgement.


Eagle Medicine

Posted By Ara on May 21, 2015

Eagle is a sign of strength, independence, freedom, courage, connection to spirit guides, gaining a new perspective from a different view of situations, teaching higher truths, and a deep connection to inner knowing. The eagle is a sacred messenger carrying our prayers on its wings to the Creator/Great spirit.

Petals in the Snow

Posted By Ara on May 18, 2015

Sometimes it's snow, sometimes it's sunshine. But the only way we're truly frozen, is if we never emerge at all.


The Shaman & The Owl

Posted By Ara on May 15, 2015

Many moons ago there was a wise Shaman that lived among the wilds of nature. She wandered the trees giving reverence to all she saw, branch and animal alike. She healed all the people of her land with her herbs, drumming, stones and moon lore.

Self Worth

Posted By Ara on May 11, 2015

"Never let anyone contribute to the equation of your self-worth. No other opinions or thoughts matter. You are amazing exactly as you are, born deserving of all the abundance and blessings life has to offer; with a deep, ancient knowledge flowing in your veins and a unique, one of a kind medicine within you. Never let anyone convince you that you are anything other than magic." ~Ara

The Goddess Spoke of Hiding Love

Posted By Ara on May 07, 2015

"My daughter, the purpose of sacred union is to taste another's soul; to hear the echo of their beating heart, fully embrace their truth, their passion and their love."

Embracing Differences

Posted By Ara on May 02, 2015

Every once in awhile, when the moon is positioned just right and the stars twinkle in just the right way, I get a visitor or two that make me shake my head. A member of the unconscious male persuasion will pm me and express their extreme disgust for "my type".