When all of this is over, let's change a few things. If this isn't a time to shake things up, then I don't know when is. In times of crisis, we are given an in depth kind of clarity. We see what is and isn't working in glaring high definition. And for the most part, the world wasn't working the way it was before.

Giving Up Control: Corpse Pose

Posted By Ara on Apr 06, 2020

One of the hardest things to deal with is the lack of control we feel when our world turns upside down. As humans, we like to convince ourselves that we have control over everything around us. While we do make choices each and every day that influence the outcome of our lives, sometimes things are beyond our control.

As an introvert who already works from home, not going anywhere for weeks at a time because of self isolation can get old. You realize how much you rely upon those brief interactions and conversations with people when you're out and about. I'm lucky that I have my wonderful dog with me, as he is the goodest boy ever and makes me smile amidst all of this chaos.

Sitting and watching humanity in the midst of a global crisis is an interesting thing. I'm analytical at the best of times, but seeing how people deal with the chaos we find ourselves in the middle of is fascinating, heartwarming and at times horrifying.