When a door closes

Posted By Ara on Oct 06, 2019

Dealing with endings can be very difficult. Whether our choice or not, when a door closes we can feel great loss. Accepting things that will never be and moving away from what is known is hard. Trying to reconcile all that will never be, creating the changes that are necessary.

Protection Crystals

Posted By Ara on Oct 06, 2019

Crystals have been used for protection for thousands of years. Whether in rituals, talismans or embedded in statues dedicated to protection, Crystals and gemstones are dynamic addition to any practice. They can be added to yoga, meditation, shielding work, affirmations, ritual grids or even in dream work. Here are some of my favorite Crystals to use for protection.


In an ever changing world

Posted By Ara on Oct 05, 2019

As humans, things are always changing around us. New chapters open and new beginnings sprawl promisingly in front of us. Possibility shines brightly as we move towards some long held dream. Desires inspire us and fuel our imagination. Hope springs eternal, as the old saying goes.