Fire of Truth

Posted By Ara on Apr 30, 2015

I will not censor myself for your tastes

Pull the veil over my truth to give you comfort

Silence my words for your ears

Or change my heart to fit into the confining box of your definitions.


Dance of the Butterfly

Posted By Ara on Apr 28, 2015

The transformation from caterpillar to butterfly is not an easy path. You weave a sacred space to dissolve completely and inside that cocoon you are literally forged anew. You are reborn; you emerge, stretching towards the new found light and from there you fly into the world on beautiful hopeful new wings.


Durga: Hear Me Roar

Posted By Ara on Apr 26, 2015

Durga is a very powerful Goddess. Her power is centered in her presence and her ability to stay grounded, centered and focused. She is a slayer of demons that the other Gods could not destroy and is a Goddess to work with when we are needing strength and courage.

Long May We Love

Posted By Ara on Apr 13, 2015

In the face of a world filled with fear, violence and destruction the only feasible solution that I can see is to love. Love greater and bigger than we ever have before.


I Want To Know

Posted By Ara on Apr 12, 2015

I want to know who you are

When you don't have to hold back anymore

When the barriers crumble and the veils dissolve

And you stand in the brilliance of your unfolding

Bared like a shining lotus among the waves


The Song of The Ancients

Posted By Ara on Apr 12, 2015

I heard a song deep within the core of me, the lyrics spoken in a tongue long since past from this world, and yet I understood. I knew. Even without the translation I felt it in my soul. This was the song of the Ancients, the path of the Shamanic Priestess, the Healers of the Earth, the Warriors of the Divine Feminine.