Walking Through the Fire

Posted By Ara on Feb 27, 2017

It can be a dizzying task when we are trying to navigate through uncertain seas. They don't prepare you for this, when you're facing a break up of a life once lived.  Of course the framework for a breakup is laid long ago, these things don't just happen.

My sister, You're a soul deep woman; you won't find a worthy love in the shallows. Within your chest beats a warrior's heart and your bones are woven from star-dust. You deserve someone who sees you as holy, like the high priestess that you are. Who worships at your altar as you do theirs, in body, mind, spirit and heart.

Times of Deep Change

Posted By Ara on Feb 18, 2017

When I am in the middle of huge change, I like to take a step back and try to digest what is going on in my world before action occurs, even before I write about it. It's a trademark reaction of my introvert spirit and one that is necessary to my processing change.