A Port in the Storm

Posted By Ara on Aug 28, 2019

During the course of our journey as humans, there are many storms we must weather. Job stress, the economy, family or personal issues. Part of our time on planet Earth is learning to navigate the sometimes choppy waters of the human experience. Is there a port in the storm? Where do we seek solace for our soul when the seas of life are rough? Where is the haven for our weary spirit?

Just because you're a woman does not make it ok for others to trespass upon you. It is not your job to put up with others issues and swallow your voice until it chokes you out of fear, feelings of inadequacy or for threat of reprisal. It is not your purpose to give up your time, energy or resources for everyone and everything out of a sense of obligation or accommodation.

Following Our Bliss

Posted By Ara on Aug 06, 2019

Following our bliss is a powerful thing. By honoring the truth of who we are and what we want, we set ourselves on an authentic unfolding journey that becomes a blissful experience we call life. Following our bliss is a path of deep trust, that in each step we move forward on this aligned path we are supported in this unfolding.