Vulnerability & the Fear of Exposure

Posted By Ara on Feb 23, 2015

Facing down the fear of exposure is often the point where we get rooted and stuck. We say, no more I can't keep going. If I keep going from here I will be bare. They will see me. I will be naked and totally open. Like children playing hide and seek we have been taught the last one hiding wins and this isn't the case at all. The last one hiding stays behind the mask.

Journey to the Stars

Posted By Ara on Feb 08, 2015

There is something I remember in the lines of your face; secrets etched upon the landscape so often seen by others and yet so little understood. Oh, what treasures are hidden there.


The Pause Between the Breaths

Posted By Ara on Feb 07, 2015

I've been quietly contemplating a lot lately in the way of how to bring my visions, my dreams of what I wish to teach into being. I have these big, beautiful ideas that I've been gestating for the last few months and it's been moving me in a direction of my truth that gives me such joy.