One of the greatest lessons and challenges some of us have in this lifetime can be in allowing feelings to be expressed to ourselves and to others.

We can come to a place where we worry that we will come across silly or insignificant and we don't want to expose ourselves to this vulnerable place, that someone would make our feelings small and unimportant.

The Beauty of Art & Life

Posted By Ara on Jan 17, 2016

When you create a piece of art, you can stop at any time.

You can reach a point where it starts to look all right, where the canvas starts to take shape and begins to look like something. You can put down the brush and you can step away from the easel any time you want.

Standing At The Crossroads

Posted By Ara on Jan 07, 2016

The Crossroads. Is there a more confusing or powerful place to behold?

Here in this domain of decision we all find ourselves rooted from time to time.

All paths that we walk lead to the crossroads and when we arrive we can choose only one of the paths that venture onward.

Sometimes we must have faith in a leap.

Rose Quartz

Posted By Ara on Jan 01, 2016

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. This calming, peaceful and healing stone is a very gentle but high vibration. It is easily found as well in polished or rough forms in everything from wands, spheres, specimens, periods or jewelry.