Labradorite is a stone of transformation. Like the glimmering and shifting rainbow of colors that dance along the surface of this beautiful stone, it brings to us the energy of movement and is a good stone to have with us during times of change.

The Inuit thought that the stones contained the frozen rainbow fire of the Northern Lights that had fallen to the Earth below.

Labradorite is a stone that is used in powerful work like raising consciousness, aiding in the ascension process and can dive you deep into ancient wisdom.

It is very potent when used as a protective stone both from unwanted energies and from physical harm. It is one of the most powerful stones to use in shielding work.

It is a good ally for use when working with banishing negative beliefs, fears, thought patterns and clutter or debris fragments left behind from past lives. It works very well as a grounding stone.

Labradorite aids in bringing rational analysis into balance with our inner sight which makes it a very good stone to work with for inner work. With it's ability to shield as well as aid in deepening consciousness, it is a very good stone for Shaman work and for diving deep into journeying.

It is a magical stone that aids in bringing our gifts and medicine to the surface allowing them the safe sacred space to be. It facilitates communication with guides and is powerful to use during works of divination.

Labradorite eases turmoil and can mellow the energies around us grounding tensions between others making it a good stone to have during gatherings. It calms the mind and brings forth new ideas.


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