Taking Back the Temple

Posted By Ara on Aug 31, 2015

The time has come to take back your temple.

I don't mean your house or your sacred altar space; I mean your body. And I don't mean run it around in circles trying to starve it into a shape you believe will bring you happiness or your true love; I mean take it back in the name of yourself.

Conscious Masculine Energy

Posted By Ara on Aug 19, 2015

My attention seems shot today, completely scattered to the four winds.

I find myself drifting in and out of some sort of vision-like funk, the threads reaching out like a channel somewhere I'm uncertain of. None of what I had planned to do is materializing. Everything that once graced my to-do list is lost somewhere among the ether.

An Ode to the Misfits

Posted By Ara on Aug 03, 2015

Here’s to the wild, the weird and the wonderful.

To those that ride the waves on their own seas and lose sight of the shore. Who discard the rules, the labels and the chains that once bound them in search of the truth of their heart.