Censorship of the Divine Feminine

Posted By Ara on Nov 29, 2014

I am sitting here this morning sipping spice chai tea and mulling over my 3 day ban from Facebook.

For what, you may ask?

A nipple. One of the pictures on my page showed a harmless, barely visible to even me, blurred out with color-swipes photograph of a woman, and someone was offended by this offensive graphic. Really?

Body Shame & the Divine Feminine

Posted By Ara on Nov 28, 2014

What is a maiden, mother or crone “supposed” to look like?

I hear it and it makes my head spin, the judgement passed on women by other women. “She can’t be that age, must be Botox/Photoshop/unicorn rainbow placentas.” “She must have had work done.” “That must be some good make up.”

She's not old enough to be this, she’s too old to do that, or she’s too young to be that.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

Posted By Ara on Nov 28, 2014

There is great power in the words that we speak.

In how we define who we are, those that share our world with us and our paths in this life.

We can get caught up in the stories that we tell ourselves. Some of them have gone on too long and the well worn pages get harder and harder for us to turn as they crumble in our fingers.

Cutting the threads

Posted By Ara on Nov 26, 2014

We get used to the way things are. Humans are great like that. We can adapt to anything making things fit that we never dreamed before we could.

You Are Enough

Posted By Ara on Nov 23, 2014

I get so tired of it.

The "this is how you should look/feel/live/have" etc game. You need to stay over here in this societal approved place of perceived achievement. Like we need to drag around the skeletons of what we looked like or where we were before like some prize of where we used to stand.


Posted By Ara on Nov 18, 2014

I used to feel that being from a small place was intrinsically linked to feeling like you didn't fit in.

You were different. You didn't quite connect in the basic ways that everyone wants to feel connected, the way we long for it like we humans do; the acceptance of all that we are.

The Dream Hangover

Posted By Ara on Nov 18, 2014

"Still tangled in the fibered web of dreamland, the nightscape shroud of mist weighs heavily on my eyes lending a foggy quality to the daylight hours. The Full Moon and her illumination, her sight, her visions she lends to us. I wonder if she smiles at the visions she shows the hearts of her children while they lay in bed wrapped in her light" - Ara

Snake Woman

Posted By Ara on Nov 14, 2014

Scorpio season is a time of death. The Earth is making ready for the time of darkness, going within, the leaves have fallen to the ground and the once lush trees are barren in the cold wind.