What is a maiden, mother or crone “supposed” to look like?

I hear it and it makes my head spin, the judgement passed on women by other women. “She can’t be that age, must be Botox/Photoshop/unicorn rainbow placentas.” “She must have had work done.” “That must be some good make up.”

She's not old enough to be this, she’s too old to do that, or she’s too young to be that.

Why? Who told you that? Do you really believe that? I’m not a huge fan of anything that pre-defines who YOU are supposed to evolve into or shame you for what you are/were.

When we define our perceptions of what beauty is by what the magazines, make up companies and pre-conceived notions dictated by a patriarchal and ancient way of thinking that keeps sisters down.

It's a disease bred to create competition and to try to trick us into thinking that we are less-than and that we need to adhere to some fictitious standard of beauty paradigms set by a bunch of small minded, money grubbing a-holes that are only trying to sell you on a different version of you for the sole reason that it benefits them to do so.

I’m not a fan of this.

In fact Kali rises in me and fire breathes from my soul when I even think about it.

So she is 60 and looks like what I have been taught 30 is supposed to look like; maybe it’s clean eating and exercise. Just the same as the 20 year olds that look whatever 40 is “supposed” to look like.

If you didn’t know how old you were, how old do you think you would be? If you weren’t trained into thinking age has a pre-defined set of characteristics, would you still hold them as beliefs?

How do you know what that age is supposed to look like when you've never been there before? What propagates society's beliefs into "what certain ages are supposed to look like" needs to stop being a judgement/marketing based thought process and just be a place of allowing and acceptance?

What should you be when everything else has fallen away?

Should you be what they say or what you know in your heart to be the truth? I will choose when I show my age however I choose to do so; it is not for others to decree.

Age looks like whatever it wants to.

The time for judgement, comparisons and jealousy are over. In celebrating all of the phases of each others lives no matter what they look like, that is true, everlasting beauty.

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