This is a time of changing how you want things to be. This is a time of reshaping the model that we wish to live by and reclaim the rules over our own existence. This is a time of tapping into you intuition, your knowing and above all your heart. This is a time of claiming with both hands the life we are meant to live.

In the Middle of a Dream

Posted By Ara on Jul 27, 2016

She lay there in the wake of another world still tangled with the threads of all she could not wash away. How to arise from a beautiful dream, she wondered. How to pull the sweet gossamer strands of sleep from one's eyes and the aching yearning of recollection it brings. Could one every truly awaken?

A Once Foreign Shore

Posted By Ara on Jul 27, 2016

It was the dance of love. Two whole beings broken open in sweet surrender and merged in a dance of embodied fervor; passion resonating wildly through every fiber of one's spirit. It was soul deep connection; a recognizing through endless layers of time that settled itself upon new bones. It was a temple of holy worship.

In the Scatter of Her Stars

Posted By Ara on Jul 25, 2016

She was complicated in her simplicity, she knew this. She was the type of girl who smelled of sandalwood and open fields after a long Summer rain; intoxicating, fresh and simple to take in with a depth that seeped into the very soul. She didn't need to be saved only to be stood by and loved deeply while she saved herself.

Homeward Bound

Posted By Ara on Jul 17, 2016

When we spend a whole existence wandering on the seas of life and sailing at times uncertain waters, we can become lost at sea. We can feel the pull on our compass towards some distant horizon which calls to fill an ache in our hearts, a deep yearning for a place we may have never known before.