Going Deep

Posted By Ara on Mar 29, 2016

We live in a society where we're taught to believe we should keep things light, airy, upbeat and quite frankly easily digestible at all times. Conversations, relationships, feelings, and attitudes are expected to be light and fluffy. We avoid the meaty morsels and side step them in favor of something easier to take, something that we can ingest quickly and skip to the next chapter.

The Return of Persephone

Posted By Ara on Mar 20, 2016

Oh, Lady of Spring, Queen of the Underworld You who balance creation and death. Lover of the dark lord, and mother of the light You walk among us Lady, showing us the spiral of the wheel. You show us the need for time within to search our own Shadowlands and that when that dark night is through the time to walk in the light always comes.

Daughter of Stone

Posted By Ara on Mar 16, 2016

She is the daughter of pillars From a lineage of women carved from stone Their blood forged of fire and liquid steel Their strength the foundation Upon which she trains her shaky legs To hold up the weight of the world.

Let Us

Posted By Ara on Mar 01, 2016

I see you From the caverns of your aching heart To the marrow of your endless longing The layers hidden inside From those who could never see. Let us not live in their world A whitewashed wasteland Void of the hues of love Begging for a sea of color Which can only be painted from our brushes.