Under the spellbinding illumination of the Full Moon we stand transfixed, gaze turned upwards towards the heavens in awe and reverence. A magical time falls upon us, casting enlightening into the shadows in even the darkest skies.

During the time of the Full Moon we see things as they are no longer hidden behind veils and dim veneers which is why divination is so often done during this time. This is a time to see all the possibilities that exist and all that can be.

The illumination of the Full Moon is a time of recharging and restoring energy to crystals and magical tools which can be extended to you as well. Take some time to soak up the replenishing and invigorating energies of the moonlight taking into you the cleansing flow that comes. This is a time of renewal and release the things that have been blocking your energy. Picture the Full Moon light loving through you and clearing you of these energies leaving you glowing and free.

If you are an artist or writer, use the very creative full moon as a chance to charge your sacred creation tools such as paint brushes, paints, canvases, pencils, or clay; anything that can benefit from some lunar blessings and a creative kiss from Mother Moon. Tarot cards, crystals, art supplies, anything that could use a lunar boost. These tools are powerful manifestation tools used in your sacred work and monthly charging is hugely beneficial.

A simple charging for these items is to place them where they will be bathed in the Full Moon light, offer your intentions (pure creative potential, divine inspiration, sight into the sacred, a channel of truth, etc) and offer a blessing of thanks for the energy and illumination that is being imbued by the Mother Moon.

I remember many moons ago when I was very new to practical learning of the Priestess path, this was one of my favorite chants. To this day, many moons later, I still say it to the Full Moon overhead each month as a blessing no matter where I am.

"The kind fates have blessed my home The kind fates have blessed my heart The kind fate has blessed my loved ones I offer thanks with a humble heart I thank the Goddess for my life I thank the Goddess for my love I thank the goddess for continued blessings already on their way. Blessed be."

This is also the time that you can burn or release your New Moon Prosperity & Abundance checks if you created them during the New Moon.

Blessed Full Moon to all.

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Photo: Ara © The Goddess Circle

CLICK HERE TO SEE WHEN THE FULL MOON OCCURS IN YOUR AREA: http://www.timeanddate.com/moon/usa/new-york

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