I am sitting here this morning sipping spice chai tea and mulling over my 3 day ban from Facebook.

For what, you may ask?

A nipple. One of the pictures on my page showed a harmless, barely visible to even me, blurred out with color-swipes photograph of a woman, and someone was offended by this offensive graphic. Really?

One of my biggest lifelong, all-time beefs is censorship.

Not only is it 2014 and really, is censorship still even a thing? But, a nipple. Life-giving, human body beautiful; a nipple. Not going to run up to you and hurt you or make you cry. Not going to punch you in the face and call you a name.

Not harmful. End of story.

But it has nothing to do with what it is, but what it represents and the constant silencing of the feminine in our patriarchal dominated society which needs to hide/shelter us from the "blasphemies of the feminine".

Yes, I'm going there.

I see death on Facebook; cruelty of animals and humans, hate, violence and death. Oddly enough, not censored.

But life makes us squeamish. Love makes us twitchy. The human body makes us hide our eyes. And the feminine makes us say, no please that's not needed on here.

We can't have that, someone might be offended.

Where does it stop?

Facebook is a new platform for a very old way of thinking and this is the hiding of the feminine, of nudity and the body and of propagating shame.

Before these ways of thinking were corrupted, we didn't have the shame we associate now with our miraculous bodies. Shame and guilt are taught behaviors, ones that keep us where they want us, in the line up of conformity, heads bowed and spirits broken.

Censorship is used to control your voice.

It isn't used to keep you safe, or for the safety of others. It doesn't keep anyone from harm, it keeps them from reality.

It places blinders on to truth, beauty and anything they don't want you to see or hear. It's control, plain and simple. It makes you shun so much and have negative feelings associated with them and this just creates shadows you need to deal with because of this shame.

It's a manner of taking our voice and making us feel beaten.

Making us stand in line where they want, sad depressed and play by their rules. They want us to bend. They want us to cave. They want us to fit in the box that they have prepared for us and how dare we think of stepping out.

When you censor someone, you are making an attempt at shaming them into believing what they are doing, thinking or saying is wrong.

Censorship is about you being who they want instead of expressing your truth and your voice. Its about being stepped on and silenced.

I will always say fuck censorship.

Here is the "offensive" (aka feminine/life-giving/beautiful) image that earned me a 3 day Facebook suspension. Really?!


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