One of the greatest lessons and challenges some of us have in this lifetime can be in allowing feelings to be expressed to ourselves and to others.

We can come to a place where we worry that we will come across silly or insignificant and we don't want to expose ourselves to this vulnerable place, that someone would make our feelings small and unimportant.

We shouldn't have to feel like we need to swallow ourselves whole or push down our feelings for fear of the reaction of others.

On the road to expressing how we are feeling, here are some solid foundations that can help us along in order for us to feel secure when we open up.

1) Realize your feelings are worthy and allow them.

Acknowledging that what you experiencing is valid and worthy is very important. When we come from a place of thinking that what we are feeling isn't we have a tendency to hide them.

The groundwork we set in tapping into these feelings dictates the level we are able to express and embody them. When we connect with the truth that what we are feeling is important, it elevates it in our own selves to a place of greater value. When we realize our own worth, we allow them to flow more easily.

This is a place of allowing them to yourself and letting them be what they are without them needing to change or be something else in the moment.

This is a place of not locking them into the basement where they can become demons that will torment you at a later date. Feelings want to be heard. Take the time to sit with them, not in a place of judgement but in a place of allowing.

2) Tap into the root.

When we connect with the root of where this energy is coming from, we can be given great insight into what we are feeling.

Practice regularly tapping into what is happening within the feelings you are having. Connect with the reasons for what is causing the feelings. When we come to a place where we can see the causation of what is occurring in our lives, we are better able to view if this is something that is normal or something that we need to make some changes in regards to. But first we need to tap in.

3) Express them to yourself.

Yell, howl in the forest, stomp, cry, laugh hysterically, dance. Do whatever movement that puts you in a place of expression of your feelings.

We're taught in this society that we shouldn't express our feelings in embodied ways that instead we should remain blank and numb to them. To feel something is to embody it when we don't allow that the energy gets blocked.

When we block the expression of things like sadness and anger, we eventually become numb to the things we want to feel like joy and happiness and it can create a whole host of physical and mental issues. They can become issues when we try to swallow them and over time they have the potential to build further and get out of control.

Sometimes it can be a little foreign to get started, one thing I found that helped was a guided emotional cleansing sound practices from Peruquois. This is the intro link to her practices and there is info on where to find the whole set:

4) Look at who you are baring your soul to.

If you are afraid to share your feelings, chances are this is a message from your subconscious that this person may be unworthy of receiving them, most likely because they have given you significant evidence to indicate in the past that they are in fact not going to hear you.

Once you get into a place of recognizing that your feelings ARE worthy, this puts us into a place of being open to those that come into our lives that are in alignment with that. Recognize when others are invalidating your feelings because they are inconvenient for them and consider if these should be people you bother sharing with.

5) Don't feel silly for someone else's closed heart.

We are not responsible for the hurt that others have endured on their path. We can only meet them at the level that they are willing to show up and be met, just like a mirror.

While we can see everyone as being whole and not the pasts they have endured, it's not up to us to save them. Just like with each of us we have to dance with our own shadows.

6) Walk away from people who play games with your feelings.

One aspect of taking care of our own feelings is walking away from those that intentionally play ping pong with how you feel. There are some people out there that becuase of past issues or trauma have been conditioned to play games with the feelings of others. They realize on some level they are doing it.

You can't change them. This isn't your work. Your work is realizing your worth and getting into a place of saying I deserve more and walking away.

7) Allow the tide to flow.

When we give presence and attention to the flow of how we are feeling and allow them to be in the place they are and tap into this place fully we create a place for them to be seen. In this powerful place of being witnessed not only is there the potential for them to give us insight and wisdom, but in this place they can transform. This is a place of releasing the need to define them and allowing them to be seen.

It is only when we give them this place of conscious intention can they flow. There is no timeline for this type of transformation, some feelings take longer than others to move but there is a flow for each of them when we tap into the truth and root of their place in our lives.

Our feelings are a guidance compass for US and no one else.

In the end, what our body is telling us in the messages of feelings are transmissions that we need to be aware of. These signs are something that we need to be aware of and tap into in order for us to heed not only where are but where we are going.

Our inner guidance is powerful and when we tap into it, we tap into a very potent ally.

Know that your feelings are worthy and that being present with them can transform your world.


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