I had a conversation recently with someone in which everything that I offered to the world was brought into question.

It's a strange sensation when those close to you toss you and your gifts under a microscope and scrutinize the very magic that flows in your veins. It can be a hard pill to swallow when the people that we support turn on us and don't reciprocate.

When you step with shaky legs onto the path of your truth, the common held belief is that those surrounding you will support you.

Sometimes this isn't the case.

Whether they flat-out think you're crazy, don't buy into your medicine or are jealous because you have the courage to follow your heart, it can be a blow when they start to throw their daggers your way.

So what do you do?

First, don't bother trying to convince anyone of how amazing you or your gifts are.

Quite frankly, if they are too blind to see how awesome you are, they can go fly a kite. You don't need that kind of shade in your life.

Walking the path of our truth is a daring enough task without having to add naysayers to the mix.

It hurts, I  know. But why bother trying to sell yourself to someone who is unable to see your value and talent?

Second, it's more about them than you. It is.

It's a nice big mirror into how they feel about their own unfollowed dreams, desires and goals. However, it's not your job to be their punching bag while they mourn the unanswered call of their heart while they fixate on the lives of others.

It also offers a mirror into how we feel about our own abilities.

The ones that doubt our magic are there to remind us of our greatness as they call everything that we are into question. In this barrage of warfare we are called to step out of our shadow and defend ourselves showing our commitment to us and our talents.

They also offer us the opportunity to confirm how we will no longer accept being treated in our lives and to put boundaries into place in regards to this type of situation.

I mean if we don't stand up as champion to our lives, who will?

In the end, sometimes you just have to walk away.

It might sound harsh, but really why would you want to spend extra time with those who can't see your magic?

You have come WAY too far and gone through WAY too much to settle back down into a rut with those who are blind to everything that you are.

That's the thing people don't realize about going up against someone who is walking the path of their truth; you've gone through so much sifting, sorting and have peeled back so many layers just to get to this point, you will peel them and their opinions away too.

It's sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy; if you don't at least try to see someone in their truth, eventually they will disappear from your life altogether.

Sometimes people don't recognize our strength until we're already out the door.

But you know what?

I want you to know that there are those out there that believe in you and believe in the gifts that you are offering to this world.

There are those who will stand beside you, support you and never call you down for what you are.

There are those that will open their arms to your brilliance and not water it down or toss it aside.

The purpose of this life is not to have to continuously convince anyone how amazing you are or beg to be seen.

If you find yourself in a place of being made small, it's time to bounce.

Your job isn't to explain to anyone why you shine so brightly, your job is just to shine.

I promise you, others will appreciate your beacon on the horizon.

Dance in your truth and the ones that hear your melody will join you.


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"When they tell you That you're woven from too much magic That you're impossible To understand and untangle And you burn too bright to comprehend,

Smile and thank them for seeing your complex being Even if they don't take the time To peer beyond the knots and riddles.

You're not meant for everyone, you know. You don't need to water yourself down And make yourself small enough For them to understand.

There are ones on this planet Who long for the taste of your soul just as it is In all of its brilliant tangle of shadow and light; In a place where you have no need to be anything But your wild and wonderful truth." ~ Ara



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