Setting intentions has become a very potent practice that many employ as a way of supercharging manifestation in their daily lives especially during the New Moon.

Why does setting intentions work so well?

To be able to get what we want, we need to be clear on what that is. Setting intentions focuses our attention and zeros in our energy into a focused laser of potential.

What we set our sights on, is what we bring into being.

Here are some tips for supercharging your intention setting practice:

Tell It How You Want It To Be

The Universe hears the story you tell.

When you set your intentions in the present, I have, I am, it is, I embrace, I welcome, I understand, I enjoy. These are potent ways of putting a new story and way of thinking to work for you right now.

The Write, Rite & Right Way

Take the time to write down your intentions.

You can keep a journal of intentions so you can look back and see the amazing power of your manifestation abilities grow.

You can take a few minutes in the morning when you rise to have a small rite of intent for the day, speaking aloud your intentions.

Listen To Your Desires

It's time to start collaborating with your heart.

What do I REALLY want? Pull the layers back and get real with it. You're not going to get any of the things that you want in this world if you don't get honest with how you feel.

Use the New Moon

While you can set intentions at any time, add some extra lunar energy to help them along.

The New Moon is the perfect time to set your intentions. The Moon is in her darkest phase, so think of her like a plot of well tilled soil just waiting for you to plant your seeds of intent and for them to be nurtured as the light of the Moon returns. You can even use which specific energetic correspondences are present for the Moon (Aries, Taurus, etc) to set your intentions with those energies in mind. You can get my free Moon practices eBook HERE to help you create powerful lunar rituals.

Live Your Intentions Today

To speed up your intentions, you need to make sure you're a match to what you're calling in.

So, do whatever you can to be a match to what you want.

If you are wanting more abundance, live with an abundant mindset. See the blessings already in your life. Celebrate the ways you are rich in friendship, in health, in environment. Being in gratitude for what we have adds extra potency to our intentions and draws more blessings into our world.

Make Space For What You Want

So, if you're asking for a new job maybe you can't kick the one you have to the curb yet.

But, clear away the attachment and stories you have in relation to the preexisting and make room for what you want to come. Let go of the stories that tie you to the old way of being.

If it is a physical manifestation, you can clear the space physically by getting rid of it and making room for what you want.

Release The How & Trust

Let go of how you think it's going to come to you.

The Universe has got this. Trust me.

We worry so much about how we think that what we want is going to come to us, we set such huge limitations on the way we can see it coming.

If we let go and trust that in the best way possible it will come into our lives, it will. Know that.


You have to believe that what you are asking for is possible.

When we were children, we had vivid imaginations that were able to tap into worlds of fantasy. Use that to you advantage now.

Let go of the need for things to make sense and let your dreams run wild.

Don't beat yourself up if you have a lapse into not thinking it's possible, just get back on the believing track, get some positive affirmations flowing and know that whatever you believe can be achieved.

The Use of Grids, Crystals & Sacred Space

Setting up a potent place of energetic resonance with your intentions is very powerful.

When you set aside some space in your home dedicated to the energy of your intentions, it speeds up bringing it into you life by being a beacon of focus.

Some people are called to use the Flower of Life sacred symbol and place crystals that resonate with their intentions on it to bring even more focus to their intentions. You can even write out your intentions and place them under your grid and leave it set up on your altar as a potent touchstone and generator of energy.

Put in the Effort

When we set powerful intentions into the Universe, we need to make sure we take the action steps to help all that we desire to come into being. Make different choices that are in alignment with your goals and desires. Move away from nurturing old stories or patterns that tie you to what you no longer want. Start to shift your life and put in even the smallest changed in order to call what you wish into being. Even the smallest choice can have a huge impact on bringing intentions into being.


Intentions work like magnets.

Set them to work for you and watch your life transform before your eyes.

Deep bow and happy intention setting.


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