Dreams are amazing messages that come to us when we are asleep.

There are many thoughts on what dreams mean, what they are trying to tell us and where they are coming from. These thoughts, images, sensations, feelings and events that happen during our resting hours can bring powerful symbols and ideas to us helping us to see things that we wouldn't normally be able to during waking hours.

Here are some suggestions on deepening your dream work and connecting to the messages revealed.

Dream Sachets

A dream sachet is a little cloth bag filled with dried herbs that can aid in sleep, lucid dreaming, intentions of our dream inquiry and smell amazing.

Here are some of my favorite herbs to include.

Caraway: dream recall

Lemon Balm: calming

Dandelion: protection during dreams

Anise: prevent disturbing dreams

Jasmine: induce sleep

Lavender: soothing, peaceful, induces sleep

Arnica: psychic dreaming

Hops: for relaxation and peace

Rosemary: protection from bad dreams

Chrysanthemum: protection

Peppermint: prophetic and clear dreaming

Mugwort: lucid dreaming and dream recall

Marigold: prophetic dreams

Chamomile: calming

Bay: prophetic dreams

Valerian: dream magick

Rose petals: calming, soothing and used in love intentions

One of my favorite blends combines lavender, rose, lemon balm, arnica, chrysanthemum and peppermint. Take proper precautions when having herbs around children and animals.



Essential Oils

While you sleep, essential oils can be a huge benefit. Not only can they aid you in falling and staying asleep, but they can promote lucid dreaming, creating a receptive, peaceful and calm environment. You can use them diluted in a topical application or you can diffuse them in a diffuser in your room before or while you sleep.

Some oils that are amazing for helping with sleep and dreams are:

Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Vetiver, Orange, Valerian, Marjoram, Jasmine, Neroli, Frankincense, Cedarwood, Clary Sage and Bergamot.

You can use the oils straight in some water in a diffuser or you can dilute with your favorite carrier oil such as grape seed or jojoba and apply to your feet, wrists, or back to promote a deeper sleep which aids in dropping us into a better likelihood of deeper dreams.

Use caution when applying oils when pregnant or to young children. Check out all warning labels and cautions associated with whatever oils you use prior to use.

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One of my favorite uses for crystal allies is in dream work. A very easy way to use the energy of crystals while you sleep is by placing it under your pillow. You just tuck it right into your pillow case or you can add it to a dream pillow with some herbs.

You can also form a grid underneath your bed or on a side table dedicated to your dream work. Here are some powerful crystal allies to aid you with dream work:

Blue Kyanite: Is one of my favorite dream crystals. This stone of deep truth increases communication with the unseen realms amplifying the connection with the dream realm. It helps in vivid dreaming, dream recall and healing.

Amythyst: Aid in dream recall and helps with insomnia.

Auralite 23: A powerful crystal ally to use as it is a deeply connecting spirit crystal which taps right into the core of our being, is a potent journey crystal and is a channel to the unseen messages that need to be reveled to us. Think of this stone as a messenger. I use this powerful stone regularly in my dream work and it brings a high percentage of clear and vibrant messages.

Malachite: Vivid and more realistic dreams.

Clear Quartz: Programs very easily with your intentions and is a good all around dream stone.

Ametrine: A potent dream crystal, it can aid in lucid dreaming and accessing higher wisdom when in a dream state.

Moldavite: Transformation and deep work during dream state. Amplifies the energy of other stones.

Don't forget to program them with your intentions. Hold them in your hand before you go to sleep and ask for their aid and guidance in whatever area you are looking for clarity or wisdom in. Of course as always when working with stones, tap into your own intuition on which stones you wish to use. If there is a stone that is calling to you or that you wish to incorporate the energy into your dream work then follow your guidance.

You can find cleansed and charged Ametrine, Auralite 23 and Blue Kyanite in my Etsy shop which come with a dream bag and eBook energy guide: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TheGoddessCircle

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Sleep Altar & Sacred Space

Another thing you can do when you are beginning a dream practice is dedicate a space close to your bed to your dreams.

You can fill it with items that symbolize your intentions, of what messages you wish to hear, of stones or statues that correspond with your intended dreams. The sky is the limit!

You can use your dream altar as the place you create your crystal grids or where your oil diffuser or oils are placed.

Ensuring that your environment is a good feel for you is important as well. Having a room that is an optimal temperature and is lit in a way that supports your comfort can be a big factor in aiding dreaming.

To further enhance the environment, music can be employed to enhance your intentions or to put you in a peaceful state.



Dream Journal

Another tool to use when you are working with your dreams is a Dream Journal. Have a book or file on your computer dedicated to writing down your dreams. The best time to do this is first thing when you wake up so you can recall as much as you can as quickly as you can.

Having a journal to refer back to is important if you are wanting to go over some of the symbols or messages you encountered. Also it's a good way of practicing to improve your dream to remember and consciously write down what transpired in dreamland.



Happy Dreaming!

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