I have watched you as you moved across the pages of time. His-story they call it, written in blood at the hand of the patriarchy, paid for by the lives of our people.

Yes, our people. We were once friends, you and I, allies in a dance as old as time, long before they pulled us apart and pitted us against one another.

When did your hand slip from mine? When did you align yourself with such a dark force that tried to erase the love in your veins and the wisdom of women? Who put a value higher on money and status than happiness? That shut down your heart and wrapped you in iron armor keeping your humanity hidden from your own eyes?

You were seduced with promises and shackled, I know. I'm not here to cast blame or judgement. I'm here to offer you a way out, a path back to salvation. I'm here to show you the road home.

You see, there is nowhere to rise if we stand on the bones of one another. We were never meant to be enemies. We are partners. We are kinsfolk.

All I ask of you is that you remember.

Remember who you are past the lies that they taught you that you needed to be. Remember the sacred lineage that flows within you. Remember the truth of who you are deep down in the core of your being, and awaken.

The wild winds are calling you and stirring deep your blood. The ancients whisper wisdom into your veins, do you hear their sage words? Are you ready to bear sacred witness to your own unfolding? The time has come to usher in the alchemy of your rebirth. Are you ready?

There is so much more that exists beyond the rules and regulations that have been created to hold you prisoner. A vast, lush forest tangled with truth and promise waits to welcome you home.

It is there that I witness the truth of you, deep within the arms of the wild natural world; King, warrior and muse, primal, naked and raw. Adoring father, nurturing lover and Gaia's eternal son.

I don't call you King as some form of flattery, but as a reminder. As a call to awaken and take your place as ruler of your own life. To cast off the lies that have brainwashed you and lay down the patriarchy that ensnared us all.

Take up your sword of truth and raise it with me, let us fight the injustice that plagues this land. Remove the shield that protects your heart and open it. Use it in protection of those who need it, for the natural world that needs your gentle, loving hand.

The time has come to take yourself back.

Dig your roots deep into the ancient wisdom that flows in your veins and pours into you from the elements that surround you. Lay your weary spirit down upon Her soft soil and rest. There is nothing to fear from Her. She is not here to ensnare your soul. She is here to set you free.

You are a mystical man, can't you see? You are meant for so much more than surface dwelling and being tied to masks of the past. Don't you long to awaken? Can't you feel the vibrant passion that emanates from you? Can't you hear the singing of your soul?

I can see the authentic truth of you, and I wish you could borrow my vision. You are a great mystery to behold, crowned with integrity, robed in spirit-deep knowing. The modern world is your kingdom and you struggle as do we to peel away the paradigms of the past and cast them into the four winds.

You too have suffered, you the prodigies of the patriarchy. You who were molded and shaped in their image, their rules branded upon your yielding skin. You are more than this, more than what their labels could ever allow.

You are a temple, sacred and holy, your altar worthy of reverence and devotion. The old ways cast you as an unfeeling stone ever closed, ever empty. But this is not you. You are an eternal sea, fathomless and profound swimming in oceans of dreams. And the time has come to let them flow.

In this new era, the feminine has awakened. Her daughters have stirred in the darkness where they were once buried, growing strong in the shadows. Our sisters have reclaimed their voices, you can hear their feral howl to the Full Moon and feel their medicine moving through the trees.

We will never be silenced again by the chains of the past that seek to ensnare the world.

This is a call to rise, summoning us to our deepest truth. This battle-cry is heard by your heart as well. The time for segregation is long past, the time to gather and stand together has come.

You were never meant to bow or scrape. We have seen what tearing us apart has done, the wars that rage, the hurt we cause to one another. Imagine what we could accomplish together.

We are not adversaries. We were never meant to be on opposite sides you see, we are so much stronger when we stand beside one another and offer support. They tried to pull us apart, much as they did the sisterhood. But they failed. As we gather and grow, so does our strength. United against them, they hold no power. Together we take back our once stolen world.

And so I call to you, from across the pages of time and the distance that has been wedged between us. I invite you to step into this new paradigm with me. Help me peel the damaging labels from weary old bones and usher in a new time of peace, love and possibility. Rise into your authentic power and embrace all that you are.

Find yourself, sacred masculine. Awaken from the nightmare of bondage and throw down the chains that enslaved you. Embrace the truth of all that you were born to be.

A new day is dawning, and the hour has come to embrace the truth of all that you were born to be.

This is our time.

Your Eternal Friend,

The Divine Feminine


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C. Ara Campbell

C. Ara Campbell is a visionary writer, soul guide, cosmic channel, teacher, artist, empath, womb keeper and the founder of The Goddess Circle. She is dedicated to the awakening feminine, living embodied truth and aiding others in connecting with their medicine. She is an old soul that has been writing and channeling guidance from the unseen world since she was young, intuitively soul coaching and empowering using spiritual and natural energies.