What is disillusion?

Disillusion is the realization that things aren't the way we desire. It can mean being let down when things don't turn out the way we wish them to be. It can be losing hope in situations or realizing the truth, which can be brutal at times.

Perhaps it's mourning the loss of something that you've never known or perhaps grieving someone that you had. Maybe it's despair over the current global climate or seeing the bad things that occur in our world. It can be due to the detachment of society or the disconnection of the online world.

It's very important to know that feelings of disillusion are very normal. We each go through periods of this occurring in our lives, though they can increase as we get older and are subject to more experiences. Dealing with disillusion is part of life, though at times it can be overwhelming.

It's normal to have high hopes for things, that's part of the beauty of being human. But when we are faced with disillusion, are there solutions?

What can we do?

Realization of Truth

At the root of disillusion, there is the often the discovery of truth. Whether this truth is something or not we want to know however, is often at the core of whether it causes us to become disillusioned. If we look at it in a different perspective however, this can be a benefit. If we know the truth of a situation, we can better be prepared to move forward. We can celebrate that the veils have come off and that we are no longer seeing things through rose colored glasses.

Honor the Downtime

While no one wants to get stuck being disillusioned forever, it's important to honor the low feelings. Take some time away from what is bogging you down. Step back from commitments and refocus energy on self care. Nurture what is needed to fill your cup. Take a break from trying to figure it all out for awhile and nourish your soul.

Change of Perspective

Sometimes a change of perspective is needed to shake the dust off our spirit. This can come in the form of travel. Even a short trip to change perspective or see things in a new light can be beneficial when disillusion sets in and we feel stuck in a rut. Often times the grind of the everyday can become a dull routine that bogs us down, and by stepping out of the pattern we can shift things in a new direction. Maybe seeing a movie or reading a powerful book can be a game changer. Doing something with our hands and getting out of our head can also shift perspective.

Nothing is Perfect

The world isn't perfect, nor is anyone who inhabits it. Dwelling on the imperfections of what surrounds us can bog us down. None of us were ever meant to be here to get it perfect. We're here to experience being human, with all the peaks and valleys that entails.

Be gentle with yourself

Be forgiving of yourself for not having it all figured out. The truth of it is none of us have it all figured out. The human experience is one that is fraught with uncertainty. That's part of the charm of it. Having everything figured out would take the mystery out of our time here on the planet. So we need to be kind to ourselves when things don't work out the way we plan.


It can be so easy to get bogged down in how things aren't working out, that we can lose touch with all of the good things that still surround us. Though it can be difficult at times when we are down, take some time to see what is good about your life. What are the little joys that make each day a little more wonderful? Maybe it's the birds outside your window singing as you eat breakfast or your dog greeting you when you come home with a wag of his fluffy tail. It could be Spring blossoms bursting into life after a long Winter beneath the Earth or the friendly conversation with the mail carrier. Take some time to list some of the things that nourish you each day.

Let Go

Disillusion can show us the parts of our world that may not be working out in our highest good. Sometimes no matter what we do, say or desire, things will not work out the way we want. This can be a call to move away from these directions, and let go of them once and for all. It can be really hard to let go of the expectations we have for what we wanted, but it is necessary for forging a new path ahead.


Sometimes the feelings of disillusion are a wake up call that we need to change our focus. This can mean that we've been putting in energy where it's not beneficial to us or our growth. Disillusion can remind us that we need to set our compass in a new direction. Take some time and jot down some things that you want to do in the future. Is it travel? Take a class? Build a house? Read more books? Change your relationship? Planning for the future that you desire puts the power back in our own hands. Even if we don't know 100% how we're going to get there, getting clear on the things that set fire to our soul can shake us from disillusion. It's important to remember the things that we want, not just the things that aren't working out.

Taking Action

When we see the troubles of the world or our own experience in truth, this can give us the blueprint for great change. This can be the catalyst to take action. Help a cause. Get involved in an animal shelter, a women's shelter or start your own group. Start an empowerment podcast. Do something for someone else. If you feel alone, join a group where people gather or start your own. If you want to try something, try it.

The only thing that changes the way things currently are is action. When we work towards the very thing that causes us to lose hope, we take back some of our power. Things are always changing, and what is changed through the sands of disillusionment today can open doors for us tomorrow.

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