Holidays can be a very stressful time.

You're dealing with family, with the clashes that rise, the expectations and the stress. The faces around the table change, some gone forever and some moved on to new adventures.  There's history, headaches and heartache.

It can be a very hard time with a lot to deal with. But there are some ways that we can make it easier on ourselves.

Be unapologetic. 

You don't need to spend the entire holiday party/dinner/evening being sorry for everything that you are or where others think that you should be.

I want you to know that you don't need to be anything other than what you already are.

Family has the ability to rise some pretty wild stuff within us as they have been with us the longest and know how to push our buttons. Sometimes they feel they know the better path for us to take or that we should heed their words.

You're not going to get anywhere by selling yourself up the river. Own who you are. They're going to shake their head either way, you might as well stand in your truth.

Take some space.

It can be hard, but try to take some space from those who cause the most drama and stress even if it's just across the room.

These people are not worth making yourself miserable over. Sometimes we have to move away from those in our family especially the ones that start things on purpose.

This is a reflection of them and not of you. Just do your best to move away from them and in the direction of someone more pleasant with some less stressful vibrations like the family dog.

Let go of needing to please anyone.

The holidays can have us trying extra hard to gain acceptance which can cause so much stress on us as well as give us the feeling that we are selling ourselves extremely short and stretching ourselves thin.

Know that even if they can't see the brilliant truth of who you are, doesn't mean it's not there. You don't need anyone's acceptance, you are amazing no matter what. Know that.

If you're alone.

Holidays can be especially trying for those who find themselves separated from those they care about or who have had their lives shift and this keeps them in situations away from family, possibly in a permanent way.

If you feel you want to connect with others during the holidays, don't feel shy about mentioning to a friend or someone close that you're alone for the holidays and would like to hand out with them.

Being open about how you feel will help to let others know that you're wanting to connect with them during the season. Joining with other friends who are alone or with other families can create new holiday traditions.

Some people are fine keeping a lower profile and being alone during the holidays or not celebrating at all, and there is nothing wrong with that either. The holidays are yours to customize.

So take the time to be breathe, move away from the things that you can't change and no matter what happens, know your worth and don't let anyone stress you out too badly.


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