Sometimes there can be a lot of unwanted energy floating around in our world.

Clearing is very beneficial any time you feel that you need a little cleansing brought to the spaces around you. This is a great way to nullify any unwanted energies, purify your sacred space, and cleanse your own energy.

If there is something that you are wanting to release, clear, or let go of that is either in the energy within or surrounding you, this can be a potent and simple ritual to do. It can be anything from an "off" vibration you wish to nullify or releasing something specific from your home.

Clearing methods using sacred smoke, salt, essential oils and crystals are powerful practices to help us release what was and let it go into the Universe clearing the sacred space remaining.

You can use any method that feels right to you or that is best suited for the area to be cleansed. Ensure that the method is safe for the area and inhabitants such as pets or anyone who has reactions to smoke. Make sure if you are using a spray it is safe for animals or for any surface it may touch.

Some clearing methods you can try are:

  • smoke (incense, sage, cedar, Palo Santo, sweet grass, herbs)
  • spray with salt water (quick/used anywhere and can add essential oils like lemon, lavender, sage, juniper or frankincense)
  • sprinkle salt
  • sprinkle Moon charged water (also a good ingredient to use in your clearing sprays)
  • picture clearing light moving through the space and releasing negative energy
  • crystal used to amplify and focus your clearing intentions (Citrine, Selenite and Ametrine are powerful clearing stones)

Envision when you are doing this the unwanted energy is being cleared away by the cleansing and concentrate on what you wish to fill the space instead. Picture the energy moving away and in its place something more positive.

If you wish you can create something to say to solidify your intentions or you can use this cleansing ritual:

"Cleanse this space,

Remove all ill;

Bless it now,

Let love & light fill."

Above all go with your heart and what you feel best serves you and your situation.

If you feel called to write down something such as an old thought or belief that you wish to release and burn away during a clearing, this is a perfect time to do so. Honor what is being released as you clear it away.

Much love and blessings,


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