A Twin Soul relationship is a mirror of discovery.

It gives us insight into ourselves, into our wounds, into our dreams and hopes. It can show us where we are settling or not honoring our truth. It can show us how things should feel or be in our lives. Twin relationships aid in our own connection with our deepest truth. In this way we are able to move deeper into our own underground and sit with what we may have been tempted in the past to avoid. It can be inspiring and uplift us to move in directions that call to our heart. It can offer support, guidance and of course unimaginable love. It is a call for us to move in the direction of our authenticity.

But wait a minute, aren't all relationships a mirror?

Yes, but a Twin connection takes us deeper. All relationships are not created equally, and while there are lessons for us in each of them, the Twin relationship offers us a glimpse into something so much deeper. When we open in the way that only Twin connections can, we see so much more. And this gifts us the ability to own our shit, to deal with the areas that keep us stuck and to honor our deepest truth. Many times, relationships that are much more superficial don't inspire us to such transformation. They don't inspire that level of self reflection, expansion or growth. In that way, Twin Souls are a deeper mirror of evolution.

I've heard we are our own Twin. Is this true? Or is there an external Twin out there?

Yes and yes. We embody the essence of our own truth within, our own recipe for balance and happiness. Our mix of the divine feminine and masculine, our own harmonious self. Now this is not to be confused with needing to be some sort of perfection. There is no such thing as perfection. We will never be perfect as it doesn't exist. But, we are the match to our own soul in that when we open to the truth of all that we are we are our own match. We are complete on our own, whole and wonderful, as we are.

In this same way, when we resonate with the truth of all that we are, we are then able to resonate with the truth of another, in this case a Twin. Again, this does not mean there is only perfection and no work. There is no such thing as fairy tales. This is a common misconception about Twin connections. Twin Soul relationships actually move us away from the fantasy of fairy tales and into the reality of grounded, expansive whole-being connection.

My Twin isn't treating me nicely, does this mean I have to stick around?

There is NEVER a reason to stay anywhere that you are being treated badly. I cannot stress this enough. No relationship is worth that, even a Twin Soul relationship. Often there are a lot of wounds that need to be healed in a Twin connection. But this doesn't mean that anyone has the right to take their shadows out on you. You can have an amazing connection with someone and they can still be filled with demons. This doesn't mean that it's ok to be their chew toy. Get out.

How do I know when I've found my Twin?

You know, in a way that only you can. No two Twin connections are the same, just as no two people on the planet are the same. So, the bond you share will be different than another. There is a resonance, a calling to the deepest part of you that only you can hear. Like a language meant for only the two of you, only you will understand.

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