According to the Greek philosopher Plato in his work "The Symposium", we were once all connected to our Twin Souls.

Humans were born with four arms, four legs, two sets of genitals and a single head with two faces. There were three genders that could comprise these beings, Man born of the Sun, Woman born of the Earth and Androgynous born of the Moon. Some were man and woman, others all female and all male.

The ancient Gods feared their great power believing that these magnificent beings would rise up and dispose them. The Gods wanted the humans destroyed. So Zeus came up with the creative solution of splitting the humans in half, thus diminishing their strength and making more humans to worship the Gods. He cast them far away from one another to wander through lifetimes with this ache deep within them searching endlessly for the other part of themselves. They were called "Two from One", two of the same soul.

But there was hope for these beings that were cursed to wander through time with the memory of their Twin Soul echoing in their being. You can never truly separate that which came from one.

Plato said that when the human did find the other half of their soul, there was this unspoken connection that drew them together, and that together they would know unity and complete joy in every way. He tells that when these Twins who were apart find one another, they never again want to be separated. He indicates the feeling is like a mystery, and cannot be easily explained or defined.

Twin Souls are so strong and powerful, even the gods feared their union.

Twin Souls or Twin Flames are not the other half of you. You are not half, you are whole.

The Twin Soul energy is a frequency that matches your own. It's a powerful, sometimes unexplainable draw towards another being who feels like an extension of yourself.

There can be so many differences which can span the two from age, background, location, or education that the union can seem impossible. Yet there are so many eerie similarities woven through completely different lives in a myriad of ways that the pairing seems like the most natural thing in the world.

There is a connection beyond all of the surface definitions, boxes and labels which permeates every layer of you. You hear the song of the other in a way which is impossible to describe and can be hard for others to understand. It's a resonance never felt before with anyone.

It's like a homecoming to a place you were always looking for without ever realizing it.

Twin resonance is Soul deep. It embraces the heart, body, mind and spirit of one another completely and fully; darkness, weirdness, magic and all.

Twin Souls are a very powerful catalyst of transformation in our lives.

They can act as a mirror showing the areas in which we need to stretch and expand to welcome in the love that we have been seeking. They show us the love and acceptance we need for ourselves. They challenge our perceptions and views, shake our foundations and make us question everything in a new way we may have never opened to before.

One of the greatest keys in calling in or opening the space for our Twin to appear is to honor our truth. It sounds simple, but it can be a lifelong (or multiple lifetime) process.

There is a truth that lives inside of you. The truth of who you are would have been what your Twin split away from. As like attracts like, the more you return to your original frequency, you become a beacon to call your twin into your world. The more you honor and embrace the truth of who you are, the easier your Twin Soul can find that frequency.

The reason Twin relationships can be so frustrating is that the other needs to do their work as well. You can be in the perfect place, honoring your truth, loving yourself completely and they still may be the one to have some work left to do to catch up.

It's not an easy journey. There can be LOTS of baggage that needs to be healed separately before Twins are able to come together.

We think in the case of these legendary loves that we need to put the focus on them and that's not the case.

Setting the stage for the Twin unfolding is creating a passionate love affair with ourselves that penetrates every facet of our being. It's self acceptance and love, worthiness and value. It's honoring our sacred medicine and our intuition. It's speaking our truth and embracing our purpose. It's loving the shadows within and the wild medicine that flows in our veins.

The twin soul journey is a journey back to the self. In your own arms, you find the sacred space to welcome yourself home. Here in this place you resonate your most authentic frequency. Here is where your Twin can hear your call.

Because we live in such a time of expansion and growth, Twins are finding themselves drawn together quicker and more frequently than in any other time in history.

We are connected to those across the world more easily than ever before and we are opening to expansion and our purpose in new ways which is bringing more unions into being.

Twins are here to come together and usher in a new way of thinking, loving and living. With each twin union that comes into being, a shift is occurring rewriting thousands of years of programming, casting aside the old rules and the old ways, and awakening new possibility that has the ability to alter things dramatically for the future.

The depth of Twin Soul love does have the power and strength to change the world with its transformational alchemy.

The gods were right to be afraid.

~ Are you ready for connected, healthy soul unions? ~

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