The Twin Soul pairing is the greatest lesson in separation imaginable.

If you subscribe to the theory of Twin Souls/Flames, you were once united with another soul that had a frequency that matched your own, a twin right down to your very energy pattern. Together you shared a vibration like none other on any plane of existence that ever was or will be. You were connected in every way in cosmic bliss.

And then you were torn apart.

The Twin journey isn't only about what we were when we were together or what we become when we're reunited. It's about the healing we do in the meantime. And one of the greatest aspects to heal in the Twin journey is that of separation and rejection.

Dealing with rejection and separation are key components to the twin healing journey.

Splitting apart from something that is basically yourself would be felt as the ultimate rejection. You're pulled apart from your "other". How could you not react strongly when it came to rejection showing up in your life?

In relationships that prepare us for our Twin Union as well and in the Twin relationship itself, we come face to face with much that needs to be healed. In many cases, there is a lot that has to be healed before union can occur. One such aspect is dealing with beliefs and feelings regarding rejection.

As I talk to people who connect with the Twin Soul journey, I notice that a very common theme that so many need to heal is rejection.

This pops up in their daily life, in their relationships, in their work. It is something that needs to be faced in many aspects as it continues to show itself.

Is it any surprise when they literally embody the soul memory of being torn apart from the other part of themselves?

I feel this is why in so many reported and suspected Twin unions there is a great distance to overcome. There is a great need to heal on our own with the lessons that are present for us and I believe this can be something that is best taught far away and not next door. How better to face the feelings of separation and rejection than with distance?

When like attracts like, is there any wonder beings who were torn away from something so precious would attract to them lessons involving rejection, separation, loneliness and distance?

The good news is when we are aware of something and bring attention to it, we can heal it.

The deeper we heal and return home to ourselves, the more we clear the clutter that keeps us from these soul deep unions.

Rejection is at the root being separated from something that we wish to be apart of. We've all experienced rejection in our Earthly incarnations on the planet. In coming home to ourselves as we heal, rejection is replaced with feelings of being connected and whole. The deeper we dig our roots into ourselves and our truth, the less rejection and loneliness show up.

If you think about it, if you've always been connected to your Twin, you've never been alone. Even through the darkest times you have embodied on this planet, they were connected to you, even if you couldn't see them.

✩ Twin Soul Separation Healing Ritual ✩

As you repeat the invocation, envision yourself stretching threads of connection out into the Universe, knowing that even if unseen, you are not separated from your Twin and that you are always one. Envision roots from your body connecting you deeply into the Earth, knowing that you are always connected and nourished by our planet. Envision your connection to your heart, knowing that you are always connected to yourself and you are always whole.

If you feel called, you can light a candle as a symbol of the sacred fire that connects you to your twin, to your own divine inner flame and to all that is. You may choose to anoint the candle with an oil dedicated to love or connection such as rose, sandalwood, jasmine, neroli or one that calls to you.

You may also choose to include some crystals in your ritual to add power to the rite. Clear the crystals before use i sunlight, in the Earth, in Moonlight or in sacred smoke. You can charge the crystal in your left hand holding it to your heart as you invoke these words infusing your energy into the crystal. You can then carry it with you as a touchstone of your connection when you feel you need a reminder.

Some potent stones you can use for help with healing the separation of twins are:

✩Rose Quartz: Powerful heart healing. Love, self-love, connection, healing rejection ✩Ametrine: Clearing, drawing together energy ✩Carnelian: A powerful stone for dealing with shifting the energy of rejection ✩Unakite: Heals and supports "what was meant to be"

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"I call upon deep healing to the areas of myself filled with sadness and separation. 

I am connected to my heart and to my deepest truth, this day and all days. I am never alone.

I always have and always will be connected to my twin. I am never alone.

I am whole now and always, centered in my truth. I am never alone.

I invite deep healing to all that stands between my twin and I. May the path between us clear.

I am thankful for the lessons that heal me on this path.

I am grateful for the expansion that roots me deeper in my spirit.

I open to the unfolding road in front of me and blessings that flow to me.

I am whole. I am happy. I am connected. I am loved.

So it is."

Always remember that the Twin Soul union is a journey of healing, and it starts with ourselves as we embrace our own wholeness. The deeper we connect and heal our own sacred waters, the easier our Twin will recognize the beacon on our shores.


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