Charging is the process of infusing an item with sacred, intentional energy. You can charge anything, such as crystals, altar tools, art supplies, books, herbs, jewelry, clothing, vehicles or anything else that you want to bring energy into.

Why would you want to charge something?

Charging sweeps away the cobwebs from a specified item and impregnates it with the energy you are choosing. This can be useful if you intend to use the items for sacred ritual, creative endeavors, specific purposes like protection or self-love, or any other intention you want to birth into being.

Charging is a simple, inexpensive way to bring purposeful energy into your life in a myriad of ways.

Here are some examples of different methods that can be employed to charge.

~ Touch Charging: Holding the object in your hand and focusing your intention upon it. You can also do this with the addition of asking a blessing of a particular deity that resonates with you or that corresponds with the intention of your charging.

~ Sun & Moon Charging: Using the energies of the moonlight and sunlight to cleanse and charge items. You can use the phases of the moon and the signs of the zodiac where the sun and moon rest to further enhance the intentions. (Keep in mind waxing=increasing, waning=decreasing) and that special lunar and solar occurrences like eclipses  bring extra power into your charging.

~ Anointing: Anoint the item with sacred oils or water

~ Water charging: Placing the item to be charged in the rain or securely in a stream or body of water

~ Storm charging: Placing an item in the area of a storm charged with lightning and thunder energy

~ Earth Charging: If the item is wanting to have a grounding, earthy energy, place it in a little pot of dirt. Rinse with water

~ Charging with Gems: Using gemstones that signify the energy you wish to bring into something larger (a car, clothing, a room) charge the room using placements of stones (which can be charged in some of the above mentioned methods)

During any of these, divine words can be used to further fuse the energies with your purpose or you can create a ritual or event of charging items. You may choose to charge a number of items at once or single items for specific purposes. The sky is the limit!

An example of a blessing to use during charging:

"Bless these sacred tools with your moonlight and infuse them with the power of being deeply in tune with my deep intuition and inner knowing, tapping into the depths of the well of my emotions and feeling so that I may bring my truths into being."

Create any blessings or chants that feel right for you in this moment. Sometimes words are not needed and a blessing of the heart in sacred silence is what you feel like offering. Follow your own inner wisdom and call on what you feel.

Happy charging!

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